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Noble of Metals:


The Noble of Metals features the Last Emperor, husband of the Ascendant Warrior. In his right hand is a metal spike and in the left he carries a Koloss sword.

The Noble of Metals symbolizes Courage, Confidence, Independence, and Determination. Reversed it indicates Self-respect, Self-confidence, and Introversion.

The Mistborn and Noble of Metals form the second romantic pair. When all four pairs (the Survivor and Lady Mare, the Ascendant Warrior and the Last Emperor, Harmony and the Mother of Terris, and the Lird Mistborn and Lady Truth) are in a hand it is called a ‘Beloved’ and may be called for additional points. It is very rare for this to occur.

The Last Emperor’s presence on this card is likely due to the Ascendant Warrior’s position as Mistborn of Metals.


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There is a Stormlight Tarot now apparently.

I am incredibly amused


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