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Ok, all investiture has different forms, such as gaseous. Stormlight is Honor’s gaseous investiture, while Voidlight is Odium’s. What are all the rest? What could combinations be called?


Honor - Stormlight 

Odium - Voidlight

Cultivation - Lifelight

Honor + Cultivation - Towerlight


Honor + Odium - Warlight

Preservation - Shelterlight

Ruin - Razelight

Preservation + Ruin - Blendlight

Endowment - Biolight 

Autonomy - Libertylight/Sandlight/Sunlight

Devotion - Loyallight

Dominion - Powerlight

Ambition - Goallight

Invention - Idealight

Mercy - Kindlight

Whimsy - Laughlight

Valor - Bravelight

Edit: I am going to try to keep this list updated with ideas people suggest

Just For Fun List

@Chinkoln - Otterlight

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At one point I went back and tried to find all the various Lights referenced in Stormlight and the rest of the Cosmere.  This is only my presumptions, and in no way necessarily authoritative, just what I've been able to find and describe.

Shard Light Name Color
Honor Stormlight White (Blue)
Cultivation Lifelight White (Green)
Odium Voidlight Black (Purple)
Honor+Cultivation Towerlight ???
Preservation Mist White (Grey)
Ruin Black Mist Black
Endowment Breath Mother of pearl
Too blue (Kelsier's description)
??? RiinoLight Milky White

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We have seen Autonomy's light and it would probably be called Sandlight (albeit only because the term Sunlight wouldn't be very useful :unsure:).


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