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"We'll add a line to the contract," Wit said, "naming me as a contractual liaison for Honor--whom Dalinar represents. This will protect me from Odium's direct attacks for the life of the contract. He will *have* to abide by those terms, as they are part of the promise Rayse made by taking up the shard of Odium. To fail that promise would give others an opening against him, and said failures have killed gods before. Odium knows it. So do this, and I can help you openly. As myself."

  1. Todium seems to be still bound by that promise and those terms, right? ("it seems my precesessor's agreements will allow me to...")
  2. More interesting to me is "*said failures have killed gods before.*" We know of four dead gods (Honor, Devotion, Dominion, Ambition).

Wit (and Brandon) don't use words lightly. One of those four was killed because they moved against another shard. Of those four deaths, Ambition seems most likely, especially given the RoW reveal that Mercy was there ("where Ambition, Mercy, and Odium clashed—and Ambition was destroyed.") that has us all reeling.

I view Wit's comment as support for the theory that Ambition moved against Mercy and that breach of protocol allowed Odium to destroy her.

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