Dai-Gonarthis and the Dawnshard

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In pondering the Unmade and hunting through these forums, I ran across a really interesting theory about Ba-Ado-Mishram, and how she may have held the Dawnshard, or a Dawnshard, and that’s what allowed her to connect with the singers at a level she hadn’t before. 
There was also mention that maybe this inspired Dai-Gonarthis to head to Aimia to try to take the Dawnshard there for himself.

This got me thinking: 

Did Dai-Gonarthis succeed in making contact with the Dawnshard? And did it Change him? 

Maybe into Cusicesh? 

I’m not the first to make this leap, but I think what we’ve learned about the location and nature of the Dawnshard make this much more plausible now. 



The last Unmade, the one that's hypothesized to Dai-Gonarthis. It looks suspiciously to me like Cusicesh, because of the feeling of being drained, because it's a large spren-- Is there something to that or is the feeling just because Cusicesh is a large spren?

Brandon Sanderson

I'm gonna RAFO.

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"The Black Fisher takes my sorrow and consumes it" according to a Death Rattle and "a feeling of draining" as per Axies... 

Yeah, it's a good theory for Cusicesh's nature 

Maybe there's why Axies came to see Cusicesh so late, one would think he'd find unique spren more interesting. Maybe Cusicesh wasn't there before. But I'd also be very surprised that as an immortal Aimian and spren cataloguer he wouldn't be able to connect one of the Unmade with what he's seeing.

I think that Unmade were Cusicesh level spren before they were unmade by Odium, and Cusicesh is just one that got away, is a more likely theory

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