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Omi the Counselor

Milking a paragraph for all it's worth

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'The chaining of a Shadowblaze, fourth entity removed, is an often indeterminable process, and the bindagent should consider wisely the situation before making any decision regarding the vessels to be indentured.'


This is the paragraph I will be milking for all it's worth. I was reading the rithmatist, saw this, and thought to myself, 'Fourth entity removed'? At first I saw this more as like how people are related (Ex: Fourth cousin, twice removed), but that didn't quite make sense. 

So if a Shadowblaze is the fourth entity removed, where or what is it removed from? My basic idea is the Tower, but that's not heavily supported. If the Shadowblaze is the fourth (Rithmatic?) entity removed from the tower, their must be at least 3 more. 

Categorizations of creatures: I began to categorize forgotten, Shadowblazes, and actually, wild chalklings. Here's what I got:

Shadowblaze (Fourth entity removed): Bonded to people (Vessels) to create rithmatists? [This bonding is important] When bound to vessel, vessel- is made a rithmatist/body preserved/vessel remains in control

Forgotten: Bonded to people (Possesion) When bound to vessel, vessel-is made a rithmatist/body preserved/vessel loses control

Wild chalkling?

(I was wondering what the other entities of the four we know exist may be, and remembered warbreaker, and the categorization of awakened objects. So what if the body of the vessel wasn't preserved?)

Wild chalkling: Bonded to people to create wild chalklings? When 'bound' to vessel, vessel- body removed/ vessel loses control


If this proves true, than the other entity would likely be:

Entity: when bonded to vessel, vessel- Body removed/ vessel remains in control



Just some thoughts and ideas I had, but there's a chance they could prove to be somewhat true.


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