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I just finished Rhythm of War today, and let me tell you, Sanderson has done it again. I screamed, cried, laughed, and thrashed around like an eel. My reaction nonwithstanding, I wanted to ask if there would be a similar "update the Coppermind with RoW information" to the event that occurred with updating the Coppermind for Dawnshard. I've used Coppermind so much that I reckon I'd like to give back by updating the relevant pages. 


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Yeah, there's definitely plenty to do! We don't have a list quite like we did with Dawnshard mostly because there's a lot more this time around and there's more variability in how long it takes to finish, but if you want a long list, anything from the Demoted section on down on this page needs to be worked on. There's also a list of pages that probably need to be made (there are some on that list that may just be redirects to other pages). If you want, you can hop on our Coppermind Editors Discord and there will be plenty of people who can answer further questions or point you to something specific if the lists are overwhelming.


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