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[Spoilers Bands of Mourning] Why Mraize Wants Investiture

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I posted a prototype version of this theory elsewhere on the spoiler boards but I wanted to break it out separately:

Spoilers for Bands of Mourning:

The reason why Mraize and the Ghostbloods are trying so hard to get raw, unaffiliated Investiture off of Roshar is because Kelsier/Thakaidar wants to use it to create Feruchemical medallions and make mechanical Allomancy and Feruchemy widely available on Scadrial.

So far we know that creating medallions requires Investiture for the nicrosil portion of the medallion. We also know that Wax’s use of the Bands had a time limit because the Investiture inside the Bands was being depleted as quickly as the Allomantic/Feruchemical charges. Imagine how broken the Metallic Arts could be if a ready supply of Investiture was available to keep these devices going!

I suspect that Mraize wants to figure this out in particular is because Iyatil has access to Allomancy and/or Feruchemy and Mraize wants those abilities for himself.


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