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Hey all! Along with the release of Rhythm of War, we are also rolling out a new framework that you can use for tagging your threads to help clarify what kinds of responses you’re looking for. Sometimes when you post a thread, you’d like some in-depth discussion, getting into the meat of the topic, maybe even constructive criticism. Other times, though, you’re just wanting to express excitement about an idea (or disliking a thing) without having to get into the weeds of disagreement and cross-examination. Both are valid and important types of conversations! But it can be hard to tell sometimes what a poster’s intentions are.

That’s where these tags come in. After a lot of discussion, we’ve come up with a simple two-tag model: [Discuss] and [Support]!

[Discuss] should be used to signal that you are open to:

  • More in-depth digging into a topic 
  • Disagreements or challenges to your ideas
  • Debate and collaborative theorycrafting

[Support], on the other hand, indicates that you want to:

  • Talk about something that bothers you, without being criticized for being bothered
  • Express joy, appreciation, or enthusiasm, knowing that others in the thread will respond with the same vibe
  • Have a more casual conversation, avoiding nitpicking and debate

“But what is a tag and how do I use it?” I hear you asking. Basically, using [Discuss]/[Support] will function the same as the tags in topic titles that indicate spoilers. Simply add the appropriate tag to the end of your topic title in square brackets, like so:

  • THEORY! Aons are Shardblades in Disguise! [Discuss]
  • Way of Kings Needs More Balat POVs [Support]

And of course, keep spoilers out of topic titles!

Happy Cosmere Release Eve! Remember that we’re all here to have fun. Take the time to read the room and respect each other, and most of all, enjoy reading Rhythm of War!

Another note: for Oathbringer's release, we required [OB] tags in our spoiler board. This is not required for the Rhythm of War release. Please see our Rhythm of War and Dawnshard spoiler policy page for details.


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Is it expected that every topic created will have one of these tags? What if we don't care whether it is discussion or support; we just want to get an idea of ours out there and let people do with it what they want?


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That's fine. You don't have to include a tag if you don't want to. 


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