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The band is run by a guitarist named Kelsen, and his younger sister Marene, who is a soprano. They play Kell and Vin (used to be Kell and Mare, but that got too weird.) Kelsen’s girlfriend Domique plays the keyboard and has the role of Mare (which works much better.) Their cousin, Ashren, plays Marsh and is the bassist.

For Elend they recruited Marene’s friend from band, Renek, who plays drums. Ashren recruited  Andryl, a Terris Pathian, for Sazed. He plays rhythm guitar. Kelsen’s best friend Endel is their manager and sound tech. He also plays a theremin and a classic guitar. When he’s onstage he’s Dox.

They do have an organist, Vinouex, who Renek met in church. He plays Breeze when he joins them. He brought his flutist, South Scadrian, girlfriend Jenah, to play Alriane. Another of Marene’s band friends, Laine, plays a sax and Ham. Nesier was a blind kid Kelsen met at a church fundraiser. He plays Spook and a viola. He introduced the band to Razen, his counselor at his camp, the band’s oldest member. Razen plays a clarinet, trumpet, and harp (not all at once!) He was recruited to play Clubs, due to his limp and age. Then Jenah brought her little sister, Mart, to play accordion and Beldre. And Andryl discovered his neighbor, Tynsen, plays the glockenspiel, so now she’s Tindwyl.

The band members aren’t all onstage at the same time. But they do all play. Except for Andryl, Tynsen, Jenah and Mart all the members are devout Survivorists. The former two are Pathians, and the latter two are from an offshoot Survivor/Sovereign combination faith that was created when Scadrial figured out the two were the same.

At an early point Kelsier discovered them and started funding the band. Only Kelsen, Marene, and Endel know their silent backer’s identity.

Core band:

Kelsen: lead electric guitar, vocalist, Kelsier (Survivorist)

Marene: vocalist, lute, Vin (Survivorist)

Domique: keyboard, Mare (Survivorist)

Ashren: Bassist, Marsh (Survivorist)

Renek: Drummer, Elend (Survivorist)

Andryl: Rhythm guitar, Sazed (Pathian)

Endel: classic guitar, theremin, sound tech, manager, Dox (Survivorist)


Additional members:

Vinouex: organist, Breeze (Survivorist)

Jenah: flutist, Alriane (Survivor-Sovereignist)

Laine: saxophonist, Ham (Survivorist)

Nesier: viola (and other types of violins), Spook (Survivorist)

Razen: clarinetist, trumpeter, harpist, Clubs (Survivorist)

Mart: accordionist, Beldre (Survivor-Sovereignist)

Tynsen: glockenspiel, Tindwyl (Pathian)



Kelsier: (mostly) Silent backer


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