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58 minutes ago, Lightspine said:

All the illustrations can be found at the bottom of this page:

Thank you! I never seemed able to find that.


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On 06/11/2020 at 0:23 AM, Lightspine said:

Some of the images from Oathbringer clearly show cousin spren we already know. Jezrien has windspren around him, and Ishar has gloryspren. Vedel seems to have lifespren around her, which would indicate them being the cousin spren of Edgedancers. However, we can't see any creationspren around Shalash.

As for the new drawings, Paliah clearly has logicspren around her so that would support the comments that they are associatied with truthwatchers. Nale has this blue light around him which might be a spren, but might just be stormlight. If they're spren, they could be awespren or bindspren (the ones Kaladin sees when he makes his Full Lashing). Bindspren fits the description better and also makes sense because binding & law but it's also super weird because it seems associated with Adhesion, a surge which the Skybreakers don't have.

Kalak clearly has some spren in a V pattern at the bottom of his painting. They look like white petals—shamespren? That doesn't really make sense. I don't think I identified it correctly. Chanarach is also surrounded by red petals... which also could be shamespren. But that makes even less sense to me.

I agree that exhaustionspren are the best candidate for Taln's picture.


To be honest I always assumed the masks on the floor were creation spren mimicing Shalash’s light weaving of a mask. I believe they are the right colour, but they don’t necessarily behave in the right way. 

Shame spren are supposed to be a mix of red and white petals, so I agree they don’t really make sense for Kalak, and the picture only shows white. Time for me to dive back into the wiki!

For Chanarach and Dustbringers I think flamespren match well enough with the picture and the order even if they aren't shown as little humanoids but just sparks/petal shapes. 


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