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No unsolicited critique

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Hi all, 

As many of you already know, we are a community that has a propensity towards nitpickiness and pedantry. This behavior is to be expected when talking canonicity and mechanics and we generally encourage it in these types of conversations.

However, one place it's not as welcome is when it comes to fan art. Comments about a piece of fan arts canonicity or accuracy are generally unhelpful, inconsiderate and unwelcome, as all fan art is an intepretation of the text. Pointing out where your interpretation and the artists interpretation differs is, at best, unneeded and, at worst, callous and dismissive. A regular complaint we hear from artists who have been turned off by the 17th Shard community is that we are overly critical in regards to lore complaints and unwelcoming to interpretation or more abstract artstyles.

This obviously does not apply to artists who request critique, but due to the above, this is now our policy:

Please keep in mind that fanart criticism is unwelcome when unsolicited.

When commenting on a piece, please keep the artists feelings in mind as we would like to keep this welcoming space for all artists.

Comments contrary to this policy will be deleted.

We want the Fan Works area to be safe area for any artist.


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