What are the Ghostbloods (with regards to the entire Cosmere)?

Type of organisation with regards to the larger Cosmere   102 members have voted

  1. 1. Which of the following do you think best describes the Ghostbloods - select as many as you want

    • Secret Society (see description for what I mean)
    • Mafia / Organised crime
    • Cult
    • Legitimate Business
    • Researchers
    • Philanthropists / Not seeking a personal profit
    • Other

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15 hours ago, Rainier said:

Or, drawing the attention of Odium is what makes Taravangian the fool in the first place. Mraize isn't interested in getting caught up in the game of gods, and anyone who does get caught up can be no better than a fool.

Taravangian is a king on Roshar. That is like being a passenger on a burning and flooding ship. You are now interested on handling small boats on the open ocean, regardless of your wisdom or wishes. Mraize has more options.

15 hours ago, Rainier said:

Yes, I'm with you here, although we can't know exactly what his reaction was to the end of the Manywar. What little we know of his comes mostly from the Warbreaker annotations, and there's precious little there. Although, think for a moment. Five scholars: Vasher, Shashara, Yesteel, Arsteel, and Denth. Shashara, Arsteel, and Denth were all killed by Vasher. Let me repeat: the only person who has ever killed one of the Five Scholars is Vasher, who has killed three of five. Based on the track record, I'd say Yesteel has more to fear from Vasher than the reverse,

So he still goes to the place where Vasher resides and does nothing more? That is not really reasonable.

15 hours ago, Rainier said:

and we should instead wonder why Vasher has let Yesteel live this long. We've seen inside his head, so we know he's not bloodthirsty or hell-bent on revenge, but still. Three out of five is a damning track record.

Thaidakar has access to at least some armed men. Vasher should find a well aimed arrow in his back or poison in his food.


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On 10/17/2020 at 7:02 AM, robardin said:

WoBs mention the Ghostbloods "actively recruiting" from non-field-agents of the 17th Shard, and we have some hint as to the kind of people who are 17th Sharders. 

I thought the WoB was the opposite, that they'd be interested much more in the field agents.



What would it take for a member of the Seventeenth Shard Shard to convert over to a member of the Ghostbloods? 

Brandon Sanderson

Oh, the Ghostbloods would actively recruit from them. So, I think it would not be terribly difficult. It 's gonna depend on which kind of Seventeenth Sharder. Because there are a lot of non-field-agent Seventeenth Sharders, which would be less interesting. Field agents, they would actively recruit. 


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