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i'm not sure if this is me being a dumb user or something not working correctly on the site, but i've created posts and replied to threads, and i've selected 'notify me of replies' when posting, and selected 'follow topic' in the upper right, and i've set it to send me an email when there are new replies, but i don't get any emails, and i'll manually check back later and see that there have been replies. i have also checked in my profile, and whe i check the articles i follow page, it says i'm not following any,
am i doing something wrong and not correctly following articles, or is ther something else going on?
a specific example is the post  created:

which shows that i am the only one following, and i am set to let other see that i am following it, so you can check that
thanks for any help


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Hmmmm... that seems very strange. I'll try to investigate, but that is very bizarre.


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