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Oh, wow, she is pissed! They giggle a bit at how her eyes go flat at the top, just a black dot, a sweat drop appearing at her temple. She totally doesn't even notice! Kokichi bounces back and forth on their feet a bit, flapping their hands enthusiastically, when they toss the candy bar. 

"Here," she said, practically snarling. How rude! Cute. "Now, can you explain what you just said in a way that actually makes sense?"

They have to jump up into the air to catch it, and they do, with one hand. She's not that much taller, and the throw isn't that hard or up, and yet! And yet they have to go wide for it, because that's just the vibe. They tear open the packaging with a fury, it seeming textured in a way that the background behind them just isn't. Designed to be interacted with. 

Then they bite down on it, once, twice, three times, and it's gone! Wow! That's super quick, they practically inhaled it. 

"Nom nom nom," they say, nodding happily. "Nom nom nom! Now what were you saying? Explanations? Sure. Yeah. Pog. Making sense? Absolutely not, get on my level or get dunked on, lol." 

They make a little gesture, a thumbs down, and her face is just perfect, perfectly baffled! And more than a little bit pissed off! Super familiar gestures. They toss their hair back and forth, swooshing dramatically. 


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Laplace looked at them for a second. "Hey," she asked, "can I shoot you to see how that prime invincibility of yours works?" A few veins pulsed on her forehead in anger, though she seemed unaware of it, thinking she looked rather calm.

Then she sighed, anger deflating a bit. "You know, if you were my student I'd tell you to transfer to an English major," she snarked. "It seems like you need the additional classes." She thought back at how quickly they had devoured the candy bar. "How long has it been since you had anything to eat anyway?" She asked, deciding that since she couldn't just shoot them she might as well try to be polite.


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Through the streets of Strathcona, things that should not be stalk.
Around these five figures people hide- huddling in their homes and in their alleys, hoping and begging that these terrible things are not here for them, and that they neither attempt to kill them or turn them into another one of these abominations.

Luckily for them, they are not the targets today.
They exit the neighborhood- it won't matter if they avoid them now. Very soon, they will all join Depravity, becoming part of his web of horror. 
They go straight through Queen Elizabeth Park, ignoring the road that snakes through it. The trees and grass themselves seems to recoil at their presence- suddenly, the five grotesque figures begin to speed up, going from a casual jog to a faster run- and by the time they reach the Walter Dale bridge, they have reached a dash. The soldiers guarding the bridge barely have time to raise their guns and fire a single shot off before the terrible things slam into the lines. Only four hit their targets- two hit one in the stomach and shoulder, and the other two hit two others in the leg and the neck. None of them so much as flinch- they barrel into the guards, tearing into them. They beat and hack and punch at them, and each does far more damage than a normal human due to their increased strength.

The skirmish only lasts for about three minutes- at the end of it all, the abominations slink away before any reinforcements- Epic or otherwise- can arrive. On the enemy side, three are dead and another four are injured. Meanwhile, not a single abomination died- though some got quite peppered with bullets.

This is just the beginning, however.


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Moonglow brought the suddenly ringing mobile to her ear, listening to the quick and terse message being relayed to her. "On my way," she replied,"Send in the heavy weapons." She marched out of the door, past the people waiting there for her. "Attack on the southern bridge," she said to fill them in on the situation. "Apparently monsters, likely from the newcomer down south. I'm adjourning the planned meeting for now."

She strode towards the nearest elevator, calling it, getting annoyed at the wait for it to arrive. She wondered which of the others would come with her. It would be a nice way to see how much she could trust them.


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Blockade stepped away from his last guard field, a slight skip to his step. The last major gap in his defenses was filled. His bubble of territory wasn't completely sealed off - he still wanted to be able to access the rest of Edmonton - but there were only two or three such exit points in the entire zone. A blockade indeed, he thought. It would keep the other Epics out for a long time.

And it'll keep the air out, too. Chloro better have gotten that tree started soon. Blockade started scanning the horizon, fists clenched until he saw an overly blue canopy coming from the wetlands. Blockade's forcefields didn't let any air through them, which could be a blessing when fighting toxin Epics, but was a rather large hindrance when it came to sectioning off areas for long periods of time. Fortunately, Chloro's plants excelled at producing oxygen... among other things.

Unfortunately, Chloro never missed an opportunity to remind him of his un-expendability. Which was... ironically infuriating.

Blockade left his armor on as he started walking towards the center of his new territory, trying to narrow his mind on the path in front of him and not the maples suddenly busying themselves with whatever was nearby. His weakness did... odd things to him. Almost split him into two mindsets, neither of which wanted much to do with the other. Which meant that it was hard to blow off steam, especially when Chloro was acting like a self-absorbed - 

crack resounded through the block, and almost everyone dropped what they were doing and hid behind the nearest object. Blockade stared at his fists - he hadn't realized how hard he'd been gripping. He'd broken part of the extra fields. He paused, then restored them with a thought and continued on his way.

A man washing a window suddenly became incredibly absorbed in maximizing the suds on the glass, perhaps trying to block out the reflection of the Epic walking behind him. A little girl was quickly ushered inside an apartment building while two weathered parents seemed to struggle whether to avert their eyes in fear or keep their gaze on him. Blockade did his best to ignore it.

Then his mobile buzzed. Gyroto's report. He flicked it to his ear.

"Meet me at the Northeastern exit. I'll explain on the way."

That wasn't like Gyroto. Blockade cursed, turning around and falling into a sprint - then started running up, creating fields under his feet like steps, each breaking on contact and lending him more momentum toward his motion.

"This had better be important, Gyre. What's the problem?"



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1 Hour ago

Eidolon had no friends. He was proud of having no friends. He liked him by himself.

Right now he was heading to Edmonton. There was a rumor that Epoch, most likely a time epic, had called a meeting with all the epics there, and next thing you know, you couldn’t find any. Then there was that moon person. She drove the maples back to where they were originally, which was basically nothing. Then a corrupt epic came. Not a bad epic, but a corruption type epic, followed by a cult: the acyoltes or something like that. Pariah holds territory where ERA used to be; southeastern corner of the city. used to be a statue or something like that.

 He walked through a wall. That’s right. Through. Eidolon quickly flew through the roof of an apartment and switched to the real world. Being able to feel things was so much better.

He looked out the window. There was Edmonton in its… he didn’t know if he should call it glory. It was purple to the north,  and there was a massive blue forcefield, still expanding, and that was really all that stood out.

Time to go there, Eidolon thought, and switched to the spirit world again.

“What should I do? Eidolon asked seemingly nobody.

His reply came. “Scout the purple area and the increasing blue dome, that would be what I’d do.” A voice said.

It was always creepy the way is ancestors spoke. You couldn’t see them, but yet they always seemed to be behind you. He flew to a place somewhere between them, hid, then summoned his clones, so then if he was discovered, his clones wouldn’t dissipate, but would try returning to him. He commanded it to scout out the purple land. all of the clones ran out. He sent all three to scout out the purple stuff and awaited for their return.


The clones returned, telling him that there was a corruption epic who had… monsters, and a lot of enemies. His name was depravity and he wanted to talk to the blue forcefield epic whose forcefield was full size now. 

A 6'2 man wearing a red shirt and blue jeans looks down his alley. “Whatcha doing there?” he asks, unaware of the spirit epic

He summons one of his clones to him and makes them play offensive while he plays defensively. The clone attacks the man with a knife. One of those things that Eidolon keeps around for situations like this. The man swears and shoots him with a handgun. The bullet goes straight to the spirit realm.

The man, realizing he's lost, attempts to run away, but the Eidolon’s clone comes out of a garbage dumpster and jabs a knife through his heart. The clone stands there, waiting for instructions, softly fading from orange to red. Eidolon switches to the clone. I wonder why I don’t throw up doing this, he thinks, and sends the clone to patrol around him while he continues to ponder.

Now where to next, Eidolon wonders to himself. He makes up his mind. He heads through the fleshy purple corruption, towards the center of Edmonton.

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"Hey, can I shoot you to see how that prime invincibility of yours works?"

Kokichi gives her a thumbs up, completely sincerely. 

"You know, if you were my student I'd tell you to transfer to an English major. It seems like you need the additional classes."

Darkness fills their face, the shading turning from soft to dramatic in an instant as they bite off the tip. It fades as quickly as it comes. 

"How long has it been since you had anything to eat anyway?"

"Don't know too much, lol. I just sorta viiiibe, go with the flow? Works better with the good ol' powers anyway!" They finish up the snacks with a flourish. "When was the meeting? With all the dif Epics? Cuz that's what I was doing last, and I probs had some twizzlers or some nonsense like that on me then. Then things were like, boom, bam, bleh and bleh and bam again, and then boooooom. So now I'm here."


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Kaia header goes here

Rainbow Galaxy Bright Wallpaper Full HD by RainbowChipsette on DeviantArt


I’m dumb, Kaia thinks as she nears a bright blue dome. The dome appears to be 1 mile in each direction, including up, making a perfect hemisphere.

Kaia jumps off a roof that she was sitting on. Her feet touch the ground and she flips polarity. She then siphons the speed of a nearby car, and runs towards the blue dome.

Kill maples? Kaia thinks. No, will draw Blockade and maybe deathstars. I love melons. I could use one right now.

She had learnt Blockade's name and thought that he might be a nice friend. She had learnt it while eavesdropping on a purple… thing and a man talking earlier today. Oh right, she realizes, I was supposed to follow him. I think he went towards the side of this mango. Mango? Mangos are not teal like this. It sorta reminds me of the ocean, though. And mangos aren't a complete semi-circle like this. Ugh I can not focus on anything today. Waiiiiit, why am I having an internal battle. Wait. I never did follow him, did I?

Her thoughts end there as a car is honking their horn at her. She runs quickly out of it and towards the giant semi-sphere. There is a man waiting for something. Lemons? She thinks. No, pretzals taste better than lemons. I could really use some right now.

She smacks right into the blue dome. It ripples like a rock thrown into a puddle and starts to form cracks. The man at the entrance looks at her with a questioning glance.

“Ummm, hi, uh do you like melons?” Kaia askes nervously. “I mean, do you know Blockade, and do you play roblox? I like it. Oh sorry. I’m Kaia and I am your local speed epic and I like licking rust. Um I’m looking for Blockade, and do you know where I can find him?”

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Exotwo & Aeternum

The end is near…

The Epic strolls through the streets of Edmonton, the effects of his power leeching into other's minds and making them cower in fear. Fear is everything. Fear is power.

Stepping into a building, he leans against the doorframe and channels his power. The doorframe explodes predictably and people around him scream. They don't move, afraid of what might happen if they do.

The Epic starts walking deeper into the room flooded with terror. They're afraid of him. Good.

“What do you want with us?” A brave mortal asks. “Who are you?”

“I want you to die,” The mysterious Epic replies casually. Then he smiles. “And I’m very good at getting what I want.”

Fear lingers in the room like a heavy fog. As the Epic strides forward, the people move away, afraid. They huddle together, thinking that they will survive when surrounded with others. That just makes it easier to kill them.

The Epic reaches out and touches a wall, holding his hand there for twenty seconds before he turns and touches another wall for ten seconds. He moves back towards where the door had been. The Epic pauses at the former doorway. “My name is Cataclysm. Remember me.”

Then he leaves, hearing the people breathe out in relief.

4, 3, 2, 1, and….

The building explodes behind him.

The end is near... 


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Laplace looked at the thumbs-up. Hard pass. No way she's stupid enough to fire at someone with a PI who's actively encouraging it. No way to know if they'll do something unpredictable that kills her.

Instead she focused on her talking about what happened. It was hard to understand, but she was talking about a meeting with Epics, and an explosion or something, or violence, at least. She thought about it, matching it up with what she knew of events in the city. It made some sense. Epoch was a time manipulation Epic, so combine that with a PI, maybe some weird power interactions, and coming out after a couple months could work...

"That meeting," she asked, finally sounding curious instead of annoyed, "was it the one called by Epoch? Could you tell me a bit more about it?" She wasn't sure if she would get something useful out of it, but any information about what happened might help her get a better idea of what's going on in the city, maybe get some power herself. Not only that, it might even give her a way to find out if other Epics survived, which could be both dangerous and useful.


Moonglow took the elevator to the roof, where a silver aura surrounded her, and she jumped off the roof, immediately accelerating towards the bridge. She just hoped that whatever it was that was invading wouldn't get too far into her territory. Holding the bridge while also trying to root out any invaders would take a lot of effort. At least the moon was still waxing, so no big issues there.

A few minutes later she arrived at the bridge, hovering above it, bow in her hand, trying to find any of her soldiers. She saw some corpses, but no monsters or living soldiers yet. She flew up somewhat, trying to see if she could see any panic from up there.


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Gyroto didn't even have time to blink before someone decided to ruin his day. 

Depravity's request was one thing. Then on his flight to the hatch point, he'd seen a burst of activity in Moonglow's territory, and he highly doubted the two events were unrelated. But having a speed Epic run right past him into the shield, causing ripples and sparking cracks in the thing, was quite another thing.

He nearly took flight on the spot, popping his wrist and back rotors out of their housings, but then the girl started talking about... melons?

“Ummm, hi, uh do you like melons? I mean, do you know Blockade, and do you play roblox? I like it. Oh sorry. I’m Kaia and I am your local speed epic and I like licking rust. Um I’m looking for Blockade, and do you know where I can find him?”

Gyroto flicked his eyes back to the impact point - the cracks apparently hadn't actually penetrated the depth of the field, and while the ripples were still resounding across the surface the cracks themselves were filling. So the field was secure... for now.

"... I know Blockade," he said. "He currently has his own business to attend to." He didn't really know what to say in response to the other queries. He was currently between the Epic girl and the entrance house, but that didn't mean too much when she could move faster than he could react.

A buzz sounded in his helmet's headset - Blockade would be here in a few minutes. He'd be better able to control the situation. Gyroto would just have to wait. Which meant improvisation.

He lowered his hands, keeping his blades out but stationary. "... I'm not a huge fan of melons. Except honeydew."



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If this world wasn't more creepy. Eidolon thought as he flies in the spiritual realm towards a bridge with corpses, but no fighting. The result of the fight. Eidolon thinks.

There is an Epic covered in a pale substance floating in the air. They appeared to be assessing the area, and have a bow made out of the same substance. How medieval. 

Eidolon summons a clone to him and flies in the spirit world up to the epic. 

He switches. And he falls a few feet.

The epic looks at him. He smiles back. “Hi! I’m Eidolon and I’m looking for a faction to join.”

He decides to keep his powers hidden, in case he has to kill this epic. Wouldn’t want them to discover his weakness.

Rainbow Galaxy Bright Wallpaper Full HD by RainbowChipsette on DeviantArt

The man looks where Kaia hit the forcefield. "I know Blockade," he says, "He currently has his own business to attend to.

" I'm not a huge fan of melons. Except honeydew" he continues.

"Currently has business?" Kaia says. "Like a birthday party or a stickbug? and you like honeydew, I like it, but Melons definitely taste better. I mean, anything would taste good, I haven't even ate in four days now, I mean everyone expects an epic to never run out of food, but I definitely did."

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Moonglow twitched as the man suddenly appeared in front of him, aiming her bow at him for a second before bringing it back down again, not judging him a threat. ”I see,” she said. ”I am currently busy dealing with an attack though. If you wish to help, you can. Otherwise I suggest speaking to one of the troopers. If you wish to live in this area but not join that is alright too, as long as you do not cause any troubles.”

She flew backwards, not wishing to deal with this right now, when she suddenly noticed the giant forcefield on top of part of the southern industrial area, between her and Pariah's territories. She frowned, certain it hadn't been here yet this morning, meaning it must have happened around the same time as the attack. No way that could be a coincidence. Something to check out once this mess was over.

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"Currently has business?" the young Epic inquired. "Like a birthday party or a stickbug? and you like honeydew, I like it, but Melons definitely taste better. I mean, anything would taste good, I haven't even ate in four days now, I mean everyone expects an epic to never run out of food, but I definitely did."

Oh, I give up.

"Blockade's business is his own. Even I'm not sure what he's doing. If I had to guess he's still reinforcing the field, to prevent anyone from breaking it and blowing up the whole sparking city," he growled. Blockade's fields had a tendency to do that if broken. Something about releasing the energy that made them up. Normally it was just another gimmick of his commander's powers, but on a city-wide field breaking it could level the ground for miles.

Which was one reason he was itching to take flight, leave this child behind, and figure out what the Calamity was happening in Moonglow's territory.

Then he realized one part of what the kid said. She hasn't eaten in four days? Couldn't she just steal food from... literally anyone?

An Epic without a home... forget a place and people to rule, without even either to call their own. Could that even exist? Every Epic he'd met took what they want, who they wanted. Cities, providences, islands, drug stores; slaves, guards, workers, even strange facsimiles of friendship. Or they prevented anyone else from having, either. But this girl didn't seem like those types.

Hmm. He re-housed his wrist rotors.

"What's your name?"


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Eidolon was a man who’d forget things, such as people thinking why would a sparking person just appear. 

He did admit to himself that he forgot that not everyone would see the spirit world, but it was a bit embarrassing when you fell out of the sky. 

The epic pointed her bow at him, but then shortly after lowered it. 

”I see,” she said. ”I am currently busy dealing with an attack though. If you wish to help, you can. Otherwise I suggest speaking to one of the troopers. If you wish to live in this area but not join that is alright too, as long as you do not cause any troubles.”

She then flew backwards.

Time for a different strategy, Eidolon thinks, She thinks she is fast…

Eidolon goes into the spirit world for the millionth time and soars through buildings and the skies until he is far ahead of the epic. he switches worlds and sits on the edge of a building.

"you sure you don't want an incorporeal epic?" Eidolon calls. " They're pretty hard to come by."


Rainbow Galaxy Bright Wallpaper Full HD by RainbowChipsette on DeviantArt

"Blockade's business is his own. Even I'm not sure what he's doing. If I had to guess he's still reinforcing the field, to prevent anyone from breaking it and blowing up the whole sparking city," The man says in an angry voice.

So Blockade has explosions or dynamite maybe, Kaia thinks, he has bad control over his mangos and half-spheres-halfsphere. Or bananas with land mines. would make a good weapon. 

Kaia starts to get hyper. It happens mainly when she's doing some serious thinking. She walks a little to examine the healing sphere, and then runs back to the guy who likes honeydew. 

he has little windshield wipers or rotating thingies, Kaia notices, there like a plane thing- ugh what were they called? Right, helicopters. probably taste good. Ugh.

His face changes from nasty 'I hate you' to a more empathetic 'do you need help' face. "What's your name?" 

Kaia touches the cracked blue dome and tries to see what will happen to the semi-sphere if she breaks it open. It stays the same, but it ripples. Kaia touches it more, like a curious child examining a puddle.

"my name is... melon?" She answers, still touching the dome-like puddle. "Wait no it's Kaia and kiwwwwwi- frozen ponds are cool and xenon sightings? wait that was three ands in one sentence. I was going to ask if your mel-helicopter things were edible, cause I, you know, am a starving gummy. wait, should I eat myself? never thought of that. probably taste like Kraken, you know, a giant squid."

She touches the field more and a small crack forms. She looks at it carefully before trying to make more cracks, but failing and creating a lot of ripples instead. He said he could repair it, right? 

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Oh, now she's all chill. Now she's curious. Kokichi's got intel, Kokichi's special, Kokichi's tots important! Which is great, they're pretty sure. They like being important and people paying attention to them, is like, well-- it's people paying attention to them! It justifies itself!

"That meeting, was it the one called by Epoch?" 

They nod, bouncing up and down. Eyes on them! 

"Yup, yup, yup! That's the one!" they say, winking. 

"Could you tell me a bit more about it?" 

Pause, everything frozen as it is. Their wide smile, their movements, they all lock up. 


Yeah. About that.


Their tone somehow manages to convey the precise feeling of a heart emoji. 


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A cat lurks in the corner of an alley outside Blockade's dome, watching the girl and the man


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Laplace sighed. Of course they wouldn't want to tell anything. "You don't want to tell period?" She asked. "Or do you want something in trade?" The first one would be an issue, but she suspected she should be able to deal with the second option, as long as it was reasonable. Though, even if they asked for something large she should be able to provide, one of the benefits of her intelligence, and the fact that she's an Epic.


Moonglow looked up in surprise as the Epic reappeared. Fast, she thought, aiming her bow at him again. Incorporeality. An extremely useful power. Also an extremely dangerous one to have around, even if you have an automatic invincibility power like reincarnation. After all, spending every day being killed as soon as you went to bed or revived would be extremely annoying. Of course, on the other hand, it would be quite the tool for assassinations. Still, she had other issues right now.

"I don't mind," she said, "but as I said before, I'm dealing with a number of Depravity's monsters invading right now, and I'd prefer to deal with them before they vanish into various buildings and I lose a couple dozen troopers trying to find them again. However, if you wish to help, I wouldn't have any issue with that."


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Why would a monster disappear? is there mind control behind this? Eidolon's head buzzed with a thousand thoughts

alright, now this woman would probably be freaked out about everything. 

"alright, where you off to?" he asks the person with the very very primitive bow. "and what would your name be?"


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"Not as much don't wanna or won't," Kokichi says, laughing just a bit nervously. "More... can't?" 

They give a cute little look. 

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  • part 1 out of 3 of the Collab between Exotwo as Ally (in red), Aeternum as Zyth (in blue), and Winter as Hunter (in purple).


Ally watches as the colors come into view on the playground slide. It’s nearly automatic by now, drawing on nearby walls to make art, but Ally doesn’t care. She adds a rainbow to her artwork on the wall to complete the palette By placing the triangles at weird angles, she creates a dynamic appearance. She continues putting blue, green and lavender triangles on the wall. It’s almost perfect. 


Good enough, Ally thinks. She gets some weird stares from people, but she doesn’t mind.


After taking five days to walk to Edmonton, Zyth is definitely not having a good day. He walks through Edmonton, seriously bored.


And then he sees the weirdest Epic ever. They wear a rainbow hoodie and have a backpack that is, unsurprisingly, rainbow.


Zyth pauses, staring at the Epic, watching her vandalise a slide.


Ally is taken by surprise when a person who seems no older than 18 -looks at her with the arrogant glare of an Epic.


She walks over to the other Epic and sighs, glancing back at the slide. “It’s still f-u-n-c-t-i-o-n-a-l, and looks better.”


“Uh, what?” Zyth stares at the Epic, a bit confused.

The Epic that had just graffitied glares at him like he’s some sort of idiot.


“It's just art and it’s on that thing over there,” Ally says, “Okay? No need to get all jumpy about it. And you should know, cause you're Epic right?” 


She thinks I’m an Epic! Zyth thinks. He opens his mouth to tell her he isn’t but then thinks better of it. I can use that.

“Yeah, so?” Zyth gives her a dirty look. “You don’t own this place.” 


The Epic just insulted her!

“Look,” Ally explains, “I have trouble p-r-o-n-o-u-n-c-i-n-g big words and so I spell it out instead. I use art as a tool to help me cope, and I wasn’t aware that anyone owned this land.”


“Fine,” Zyth replies. “Just get out of here. This is MY territory for now.” 


That might have been a little much… he thinks. But it’s too late.


“I’ll make it beautiful for you!” Ally said. It was true, she loved seeing rainbows.


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Hunter’s day’s been a bit of a weird one. Not that any day is a simple one. Except maybe travelling days, those are fine. 


Except when they’re not. Leaf notes. What happened outside Saint Albert--


“Stays outside Saint Albert,” Hunter finishes out loud. She turns the corner, all the different leashes in one hand. She has to tug some of them, not naming any particular names, a bit more than the others. Okay, maybe a bit of naming names. It’s Jet. “You’re never going to let us live that down, are you.” 



There’s… rainbows everywhere. And what looks like two Epics just turning away from what could’ve been a conflict but wasn’t. Common enough experience that they recognize it just from the way the Epics are standing. 


Fightn’t, A.E.G.I.S. interjects. 


No, Leaf retorts internally, at the same time Hunter says, “No.” 


Fightn’t. Noun. Definition. A situation where Epics don’t fight even though they could. 


“No,” Hunter repeats. “Not doing this again. Focusing. Turn back or keep going?” 


Turn back, Leaf insists, and A.E.G.I.S. doesn’t have a response. She’s about to do that when she gets a bad feeling. Like she’s already been noticed. 


Ally is about to ditch this man when she notices a person with seven dogs, all different sizes. She thinks, Another Epic? No probably a normal person just walking their dogs. 


She starts to wonder whether she should ask the person to pet their dogs when they realize that the normal person would just comply to every demand. Humans are so the not-stand-up type. 


She decides to go with the first option. She walks up to the dog person and says, “Hi, can I pet your dogs?”


Zyth follows Rainbow Sparkles Epic over to the dog person that she’s suddenly taken interest in.


“Everyone wants to pet the dogs today,” Hunter grumbles. 


Don’t be too testy, Leaf warns. 


You? Thinking someone is too testy? She just thinks it, though. 


Ally listens as the person grumbles about how everyone wants to pet a dog. She decides to go to an alternative. 


“Do the dogs have names?”


Zyth looks from Sparkly Rainbow Epic to the dog person.


“It would be polite to ask their name and how they’re doing,” Zyth says, the comment directed at Rainbow Sparkly Weird Epic. He sighs, then turns to address the dog person. “Hello, what are you called?”


“Yeah, dogs have names. We’ve got one too,” she pulls back to keep them from bounding too energetically towards the strange Epics. Not like any Epic isn’t a bit weird. Still, the rainbow gimmick’s fun. Better than painting with blood. Or, maybe, she figures, the rainbows are secretly blood? That sounds about right. “Hunter’s usually fine. If I start complaining about that and saying it’s Pocket instead, whack me on the head real good.” 


Don’t just leave it at that, Leaf complains. 


“For not-getting-a-concussion reasons, that’s a joke.”


Cute dogs, Ally thinks.


“What do you mean by we?” she asks Hunter.


“You know,” she says dismissively, turning a bit to keep the pack from jumping at the rainbow one. Most of them are better trained than this, jeez. “Down, down. Do you need money? Or barter to pass through this place? We’re new in town.” 


Ally sighs. So much for getting a lead on the weird pronoun usage.


 “No, I don’t need money, I need graffiti. And rainbows,” she says. “And I don’t barter, cause i’m t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n. And to answer your q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n, no fees are r-e-q-u-i-r-e-d. Why would I need one?”


Zyth eyes Rainbow Sparkly Epic. “There’s no way you’re thirteen.”


Don’t say anything, we’re already involved too much, Leaf remarks. We should probably leave. We don’t want to get wrapped up in this. 


“Paranoid, much?” she says, answering both things. 


“How am I paranoid?” Zyth asks, confused and slightly annoyed. “That makes zero sense. Like zero.”

He shakes his head. “We do need to get around to full introductions.” He turns to Sparkles-Galore Epic. “What’s your name?”


Ally feels annoyed. Does this Epic even have eyes? 


“Yes I’m t-h-i-r-t-e-e-n.” Ally says to the mysterious and very paranoid Epic. “And my name would be Ally. Like Alley.”


“Nice to meet you, Ally,” Zyth replies. “You’re quite young for an Epic.”


The Epic comments on her age, giving her an odd look. How rude, she thinks.

 “Yes I’m very young, but there are younger epics out there.” It was true. There were like 5 year old epics out there. Most epics aged slowly after they received their power. “What ‘s your powers?”


Uh oh…  Zyth thinks. Didn’t plan that. Zyth pauses for a moment, then comes up with a brilliant counter. “What are your powers?”


“My powers are rainbow fields and spears and rainbows.” She turns to look at the dog person. “Can I please pet your dogs?”


“Yes, just be careful,” Hunter replies, thinking and we proceed to get even more wrapped up in things.  


Yes, Ally thinks. She pets a dog. It’s a mutt, of a breed that Ally can’t recognize. It looks up at her, seemingly asking for more, as she turns to the Epic that likes to avoid everything. “And what is your name?”


While Sparkly Epic who is actually called Ally - but Zyth prefers to think of her as Rainbow Sparkly Epic - pets the dogs, Zyth looks at Hunter, ignoring Sparkly Rainbows-and-Glitter’s question. “And what are your powers?”


She shrugs. 


“Take care of the dogs and stay alive.” It’s a noncommittal answer, one Leaf’s fond of. 


“Hey, what’s your name?” Ally asks the mysterious epic.

"That doesn't matter," Zyth replies to Sparkles-and-Rainbow Glitter Epic.


“Still picking one? There’s no pressure.”


“Ouch,” Ally says, “you’re the type that just uses their normal name?”


"You use your normal name, Sparkles."


“No such thing as a normal name.” 

“Fine, you can call me Zyth.” He glares at both of them, before turning back to Hunter. “And yes that’s my ‘normal' name. “Where were we?”


“Leaving, for us.” Leaf says, stepping in. Hunter grumbles just a bit, internally. Interesting conversation is so rare. 


What am I, chopped liver? 




“Some business.” 


“I thought you were new in town.”

“We are. That doesn’t rule out having work,” Hunter says, “We like to travel.” 


“Travel where? It’s not like you have many options,” Zyth replies. “Edmonton is one of the safer places.”


“You could say that.”


"I just said that, so yes I could."


She curtly nods like she’s made a point. 


Zyth sighs. "Are you a High Epic? 'Cause if you're not, we'd be safer together."


“We travel with the only company we need,” she says, tilting her head towards her dogs. “If you want to come with us, then you better be prepared to help.”


“Help me,” Ally said “help you? Sure! Rainbows and graffiti, here we come!”


“With food and walks and clean water and medical care. Practical things.” 


Don’t push it, Leaf says. 


We do need help. 


“Graffiti and rainbows are practical,” Ally tells Hunter.


“Those aren’t practical,” Zyth responds, “but I suppose having a more showy Epic to protect us might help.”


He looks at Hunter. “What do you think?”


“I think I’m wondering if you have a place to stay the night.” 


“I’m sure we can get one,” Zyth says, looking at Ally.


“Any place is a place to stay if you kill the owners.” Ally says darkly.


Zyth coughs. “I’m sorry, WHAT?!”


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Part 3/3 of Winter, Exotwo, and Aeternum collab.

Hunter raises an eyebrow at Zyth’s reaction. She’s not a big fan of killing, but they’ve done it before. Six times. Three times to fit in with Epics who thought her dogs were a power like this right now. Twice to defend themselves from humans. Once out of mercy.

And Pocket.

It wasn’t murder. It was never alive. It’s just another part of us, she tries to justify it. The others stay quiet. It’s still there. We could wake it up, if we wanted to. 


We’re not going to, Leaf says.  


“Sheltered, much?” 


“Only slightly,” Zyth shoots back. “You? Were you raised in the dirt?”


“If you want, I can kill both of you and leave you in the dirt,” Ally threatens.


“Yeah, obviously,” she says to Zyth. To Ally, she asks. “What did I do? I’ve never associated with this fool in my entire life.” 


“You know this man is an Epic, and t-h-e-r-e-f-o-r-e, he is annoying,” Ally says to Hunter, “and I want to kill everyone right now, but of course the m-y-s-t-e-r-i-o-u-s Epic won’t let me.”


He glares at Hunter. “Well of course you’ve never seen me. I obviously haven’t seen you, because you are easily spottable with all that idiocy you have.”


“He’s not-not letting you,” Hunter remarks. “He’s just a bit confused. As has been established.”


You are digging us even deeper into this hole, you know.  


What happened to “get food and shelter?”

Not like this. 


“It seems that your lack of intelligence is rubbing off on me.”


“Shut up before I kill both of you”


“Try it,” Zyth dares Sparkly Evil Rainbow Epic. He’s already annoyed at Hunter.


He immediately regrets that. Zyth, you idiot!

 “But that won’t get us anywhere and will just attract attention.”


A spear of prismatic energy nearly pierces Zyth as she says, “I told you I could.”


Zyth flinches. “Seems you missed.” 


“Probably won’t next time!”


“Don’t bother. He’s probably got some sort of dead man’s switch. Not worth the possibility that we’d all be blown to high hell.”


She looks directly at her dogs while she says that. 


“Oh, so you do know.”


“Not a very well kept secret.” 


Hunter did not, in fact, know.


“I don’t get weird r-e-f-e-r-e-n-c-e-s like that.”


“Do you want to explain, Zyth?” 


“Why don’t you do the honours instead?”


“Because I’m curious about how bad a liar you really are,” she says, even as Leaf hisses reminders to change the subject. “Also, because if we keep standing around and talking, I want to tie up my dogs somewhere.”


“Me? A liar?” He feigns surprise. “We should get moving. People are looking at us weirdly since we’re not the most conspicuous group around. Especially with Rainbow Sparkles over there.”


“I can kill them for you!” Ally says brightly.


“If you touch a single hair on any of their heads, I will end you in the most painful way you could imagine. I will tear you to pieces faster than you could fight back, and I do not care if we die in the process. They are our territory,” Hunter says, with a fierceness and brutality behind the words that speaks of times they’ve had to follow through on the threat. 


She steps forward, steel in her words, and her dogs tense, sensing their master’s distress. She would order them on her within a second. 


“Yep, people are looking at us weirdly,” Zyth says, stepping in between Hunter and her no-longer-cute dogs and Ally. “Now, let’s not tear each other to pieces because then someone will have the unfortunate job of having to clean that up.”


“I’d be worth it to kill them.” Ally decides, “but we need to get going. Like now. Right Zyth?”


“If you intend on infringing on what is ours, then we will take our power and leave.” 




“Uh, what.”


“You and what power?”


Leaf takes over and leaves, bringing the dogs with them. 


“Wait, come baaack here!” Ally shouts running.

“It’s rude to leave in the middle of a conversation,” he follows Ally to Hunter. “Especially when our sparkly companion here asked a question.”


They keep walking. 


“Wait so one moment you want to talk and another you just want to leave?” But Hunter had left. Ally dashs after her.


Zyth grabs Ally before she can chase after Hunter. “Just let them leave. Go graffiti somewhere.”


“Fine,” Ally says, and she walks off in a random direction. “Have fun.”


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Cryo Chapter] Captain Kaeya - Genshin Impact - Official Community

A Day Ago

The first sign that you should run is when there is no door.


The second sign is that you should run is when there is a guy walking out with a smile on his face while people breathe in relief.


The last thing you should do in this situation is walk up and sit down, next to the wall of this place. And that was exactly what Cy did.


Then the building exploded. Cy was roughly thrown against a wall, the right side of her body blazing with pain. A piece of shrapnel scratches her left arm, sending a flare of pain and blood splattering all over her left arm. She tries to use her powers, but they don’t seem to work. She hears screams echoing in a cold neighborhood until they fade, and the first thing she sees is emptiness. She hasn’t felt this much pain before Katherine.


Katherine. Katherine was gone. Gone, like her life and stability of the economy. Katherine was a girl that stole from people to barely stay alive. She told lies. she falls onto both knees, sobbing, mourning for her past life in an empty street, completely matching her mood.



Bad Ideas were Cy’s specialty. She came up with these ideas. And she executed them.


So when Cy saw a person on the side of a building, she knew she just had to push them. You can walk sideways on this wall.


She climbed up the reality altered wall. Up up up… until she reaches the top, where there is that guy sitting on the edge, just begging to be pushed. He was talking to a woman with something but Cy doesn’t care about details, especially when it comes to her life.


There is no edge there. She thought, as if she was narrating the gods. She didn’t actually believe in god, or such things, because all the gods out there were very sinister, especially when the epic era came around.


As predicted the man fell, and a look of surprise cast upon the flying person’s face, then faded once the woman saw Cyro. She walked to the adjusted edge and peers down, while it snaps to normal, and there is no dead body, or she must have like, blindness or something.


Where is he? She wonders, and walks away from the edge, now the same as it was, until that guy that wanted to die pops out of the ground like, ‘hey what happened?’


But the man takes a more aggressive approach. “who are you?” he demands.


Cy decides to spell it out for him. Like quite really. She forms letters in her mind, then transfers them over to reality. They spell out in nice gold-red blocky letters: Me: Epic. The letters then grow wings and fly away, before disappearing. Then in bubble letters in an alternating orange green hue, the letters form as: YOU: wanted to die. after a while they shatter and disappear 


The man glares angerly at her, then sends out a spectral projection of himself, with a knife. She tries to move away, but the copy grabs her right wrist and pulls out a knife and cuts it, but stops half way.  “I’ll suppose that will work for now.” He says crudely, while Cy is on both knees holding her wrist and gritting her teeth in pain.


Great, now both of my hands aren’t usable. It was true, because the yesterday incident had made her not be able to use it, cause you know, Cy is left handed. Cause left handies are better


She had last felt this much when Katherine. Katherine had stole from freedom, on one of her wild attempts to get food. Freedom was an epic with a weird power that was pain manipulation or something, not that Cy would care. Anyways, it was around year 3 or 4, and she was stealing from freedom’s food court, cause he thought that owning a mall was just the best, but whatever. Katherine was sneaking up, on something, but Cy wouldn’t know, cause again, they don’t pay attention to details, but then that epic saw her, and caused a lot of pain. Cy again can’t tell you anything, cause it was soooooooo much pain, that it knocked her unconscious. That was the only time she really fell unconscious that she can remember, not that she needs to.


Still holding her wrist, she askes the woman that is flying and such, cause they think they are cool, but really, Cy could fly if she wanted to. “what were you talking about, again?”


(eidolon is yurs, @Aeternum)

Edited by Exotwo
fixed bad formatting. and bad sense

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Eliza hefted her backpack higher on her shoulders as she trudged towards Edmonton, scanning the road for threats. As she neared the city, she didn't need to see the giant blue bubbles to know the place was infested with Epics - the whole place reeked of them. Pausing to get a better view of the city, she staggered as a new smell hit her, different from the stench of Epics, or the sickly rotting smell she'd experienced almost constantly over the last few days. No, this was something new. There was something wrong about this smell. She could feel Breakneck stir, eager for a fight, and Eliza struggled to push it back down before it surfaced. She didn't know how much longer she could maintain control, or how much longer she could maintain herself, but she wasn't going to lose it here, not after getting this far. She took a deep breath, did a few stretches she remembered from the before times, and resumed her grim march towards Edmonton.

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