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Assassins’ Creed Radiants

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I want to draw a series of the various Assassins (and some Templars) as Radiants. The images would be of the Assassin (or Templar) with the Order symbol behind them and their Spren. Possibly with a unique oath or truth. So I need opinions on which Order they belong in. Yes, Orders can repeat.


Altaiir - Skybreaker (I mean, he is the original Assassin in white...) This one isn’t changing. 

Maria - Windrunner

Ezio - Edgedancer

Yusuf - Windrunner

Haytham - Elsecaller

Connor - Stoneward

Aveline - Lightweaver

Edward - Willshaper

Adewale - Windrunner

Shay - Willshaper

Liam - Skybreaker

Arno - Windrunner

Elise - Willshaper

Jacob - Dustbringer

Evie - Elsecaller

Henry - Truthwatcher

Lydia - ?

Bayek - Skybreaker

Aya - Edgedancer 

Kassandra - Dustbringer

Darius - ?

Jun - Edgedancer

Arbaaz - ?

Nikolei - Windrunner

Aguilar - Windrunner

Maria - ?

Eivor - ?

Desmond - Truthwatcher 

Lucy - Lightweaver

Bonus: Which unmade does Alexios get?

This is a rough sketch of Altair:


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I’ve created rough sketches through Liam now, and figured out most of the Radiant Orders. I’ve been double checking with the Radiant quiz, and so far I’ve either been right or gotten my secondary guess.

And then I got a really interesting result for Shay, which I’m sharing because of how ironic and funny it:



Somehow he ends up being a match Windrunner and Lightweaver... somehow. I didn’t think that was actually possible, but... considering he switches from Assassin to Templar, it makes a weird sort of sense for him to be tied between two opposing Orders, whose Spren don’t like each other. (I’m going with option 3, btw, Willshaper, as ultimately he does follow his own creed.)


Still, I’m now wondering how a Windrunner/Lightweaver Radiant would work...

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Liam (Note that he is a Skybreaker. Seems Skybreakers tend to be similar to Stonewards...)68838F9A-48A6-4D84-A874-E87C9C61D77F.thumb.png.f42e60ab73519d3bb5cf22c4832e1f96.png


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