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You are probably aware that this thread is for poetry! Sanderson or otherwise.

Spoilers are fine. Keteks are fine. Free verse is fine.*

Feel free to post your poetry, stupid or not, here:


Stoopid are you? Intelligent maybe? / probably not. / I'm not / Probably. Maybe intelligent?/ You are stoopid 



Shallan's hair is red,

Elend's is brown,

The end of mistborn, well it made me frown.





Free Verse Poem

Is just

Words with




Also, Sixth hundredth post!

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There's a guy called A Fish here today

Fish is amazing in every way

But after debates

And his voters abates

The fish abruptly became fillet



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There is a poetry thread already in the creators corner, but 

Thanatos Ascending

An assassin slinks silently through the deep shadows of the

night. Its cloak is woven of a cloth conceived by the hands of divinities. It

swallows the light which is born from scant silver beams. All light that

could betray the presence of being who drowns in blood like a raging river of

ice. What this creature must do is nothing less than the opening of a door into

a realm where the damned that Jove cast down into the deepest depths plot to tear

the whole of the mortal world asunder.

It is prepared to bare iron teeth in challenge if even the

lord of the heavens himself would dare issue a challenge. Eyes carved of

unforgiving souls frozen by the touches of Hades crush mountains to rubble with

no more than a gaze. Forests wither away at the sound of its tortured voice.

Mortals hide in caverns and grottos forgotten by even the primordial beings by

whose will the world was formed. Even with a vast army behind it, no beast

dares meet this spawn of Erebus in its own den.

It stalks across the land with its barbed blade prepared to

create a deluge of death. Under Boreas’s own breath it advances upon the gate

that it seeks to open. Slabs carved of burnished bronze float above blighted

soil.  Suddenly the twang of a bow breaks the silence of the evening. The

assassin looks and finds an arrow of burning silver lodged in its chest. This

destroyer falls to the ground shaking the cosmos to its foundation. It fades as

Diana stands high above the portal of the damned.  



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oh how I loved our time together

but it’s time

to move



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