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Threnody's symbol

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Threnody's symbol is an upside down V with 3 symbols around it. Do these three symbols correspond to the three things which draw shades? (sword=drawing blood, asterisk=spark=kindling fire) If so, how does the eye mean quick movement?


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Isaac Stewart

The symbolism [of the Threnody symbol] here has a lot to do with the star system. The three rules, right? I'm not gonna spill it out here. There's the three rules. So, each of these symbols has something to do with the three rules, and also different things that are found in the sky. I'll give you one of them. The eye is the sign of Purity. And then, I'd might as well. This is silver. This stands for "Do not run." And this one is the blood. Which, there are stars in the sky that are red there, so that's the star.

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