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So, I have a Nook.

A Nook is not a Kindle, which means that I can't buy any books from Amazon. I have found that you can buy Sanderson's E-Books from Barnes and Nobles, which means that I won't be missing out on Ebooks that way, but it does leave me with a few questions.

One question is just in general: does Kindle have a larger selection of books (Sanderson or not) than I would find on a Nook? My Nook is rather old, and while I doubt I'd replace it immediately it would be nice to have a new E-reader in mind.

The other is for the E-Books that I would buy directly from or other non-Amazon and non-Barnes-and-Nobles places, notably the digital version of the Dawnshard novella from the Kickstarter. I'm still getting a physical copy, but it would be a bit of a shame to not be able to use the ebook.


As an additional note, does buying the Stormlight Archive three-pack give you three seperate E-books, or one E-book containing all three books? I'll likely get it anyway, but I'd rather be able to read the books individually.



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The new Nook glowlight has should have about a million more books available than a Kindle paperwhite does.


The Paperwhite accepts Pdf, Mobi, and AZW, and PRC formats

The Glowlight accepts Epub, PDF and CBZ formats 

the Stormlight 3 pack should give you one book with all three in it, rather than 3 separate books.

hope this helps:D


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