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The Everstorm and Preservation's Mists [OB and Mistborn Era 1 Spoilers]

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This isn't as much of a theory as it is a notable connection, but here it goes:

I always wondered why the Mists in Scadrial never went into people's homes at night, seemingly disappearing at a house's thresholds. But then, I noticed something interesting: At the end of Oathbringer, when the Everstorm passes over Urithiru, Odium speaks to Taravangian, telling him to "open the window" several times before being able to speak with him "in person" as he does with Venli. Why would a Shard, even one trapped in Braize, need someone as insignificant as Taravangian to open a window? That seems almost fey-like from what is basically a god, and it got me thinking: could this be linked to the Mists back in Scadrial? 


What do y'all think?


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I think its just related to the Investitures being in the PR and having physical substance, and as such their gaseous investitures can be blocked by physical objects. 

maybe the Investiture isn’t not going into houses, it just diffuses quickly once it does. Maybe from the nature of being Connected to it’s inhabitants?

Odiums Investiture wasnt in Taravangians house and Odium needed him to open the window so his Investiture cold go inside and he could actually manifest


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