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Question for y'all.

I find digging into the 17th shard pretty intimidating at times trying to pour over it all with quite literally hundreds of thousands of posts.

Is there a highlights board? Or maybe a "Best of....board"? Or a dumping point for any comment with >30 ♥'s or something? I think it'd be cool to see some of the best moments/answers/jokes the 17th shard has brought to the community, I just have no idea where to start.


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If you click on “Popular Contributors” at the bottom of the home page, then set it to “All Time”, you can scroll down to find the most liked posts. You can also specify certain time periods if you would like to see more. As far as I know there isn’t anything like a highlights board, though it would be cool to have the option to see the most liked posts of each subforum. You can sort by ones with most replies if you are looking for popular topics, though.

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