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16 hours ago, GudThymes said:

The likely answer is "yes". However, I would highly recommend against Dalinar doing this. We can reasonably assume that there is no upper limit to the amount of investiture that Nightblood can consume -- I dare say infinite. Fortunately he has been limited in his consumption due to his sheath as well as existing in the physical realm (sometimes in Cognitive, space travel and all that). However, the way that Dalinar gets an endless amount of Investiture is by creating a perpendicularity on command and linking the three realms directly with Honor's power.

We have no idea what the consequences of that would be but I imagine that giving an entity with infinite ability to consume investiture access to an infinite amount of investiture will likely cause HORRIBLE things. 

Here are a couple WoB that I think directly relate here


Thank you  :) 


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