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Heads up, I’m giving a spoiler warning here. You’ve been warned.



Hey. Apparently atium alloys have temporal effects. That’s 16 minimum alloys to work with, and gold/atium//malatium is taken. Any ideas what the others could be?

Here’s my thinking:

We don’t know if an atium alloy necessarily resembles a plot twist of its alloyed metal, but I’m going to assume it does, for sake of guessing. Gold let’s you see your alternate path selves. Malatium let’s you see that for others. It’s a temporal effect. Check.

Electrum let’s you see your own near future. Since atium alone already does the same but of others, what if Atium/electrum shows you your own recent past, perhaps a longer time period, like five minutes or an hour. Ghost racing, anybody?

Pewter ups physicality. What if atium/pewter messed with your age appearance, much like feruchemy, but one-directional?

Tin ups senses. What if atium/tin made you hear and see and feel things you heard and saw and felt yesterday at that same time?

Bendalloy makes a time bubble around you to make you fly through time faster. What if atium/bendalloy caused the same effect except for you, only speeding up other things in range?

Cadmium is the reverse of bendalloy. What if atium/cadmium only slowed down other things in range?

Steel let’s you push metal. What if atium/steel let you age metal quickly? You could corrode it in seconds.

Iron let’s you pull metal. What if atium/iron let you freeze the state of a metal object temporarily, preventing it from bending or corroding or changing shape at all?


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Atium alloys have temporal and mental effects. You can see it mentioned right on the allomantic table (for example on the Coppermind).

That being said, I feel like the Enhancement quartet would become temporal, and the Physical quartet would become Mental. That way the whole top half is Mental and the whole bottom half is Temporal, which is the halves that Mental and Temporal are already on.

So in that case, I feel like Pewter/Atium could do something like the mental component of normal Atium; expanding your mind to comprehend what's going on around you in a supernatural capacity, without the Atium Shadows.

Aluminum/Atium would be an interesting case, I think it could do something like... subdue the allomantic potency around you. dampen everyone's burn rate. Something like that.


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