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I just wanted to start a thread on funny The Lopen Quotes so I found some in late WoK. 

On page 933 WoK: Sure, if you’re crazy you’re a good type, and I like you. Not a killing-people-in-their-sleep kind of crazy. Besides, we all follow crazies all the time. Do it everyday with lighteyes.

On page 964 WoK: A one-armed Herdazian is still twice as useful as a nonbrained Alethi.

On page 966 WoK: 

Kaladin: you do have a lot of cousins. 
The Lopen: Never enough. You bother one of us, you bother us all. That’s something you strawheads never seem to get. No offense or anything, gancho. 

That’s all I have right now please show me some more that you find. 

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