Mirandus = Miranda (The Tempest)

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Please note I haven't read the Dark One yet, and it will be a while before I am able to, but I don't mind spoilers :-P I'm listening to the Shardcast podcast at the moment, and something just occurred to me, but please note once again this is speculation based on what I've heard others saying, so if I misunderstood anything, I apologise.


This isn't so much a theory as it is an observation. I heard in the podcast that Shakespeare is referenced in the story, implied to have known or known about one of the Dark Ones or someone else on the planet. This has got me thinking ... Shakespeare is often called the Bard, and his stories always had a strong narrative (or Narrative). Could Mirandus be in the Dark One setting the inspiration for Shakespeare to have written the Tempest, about a powerful wizard named Prospero who only became a wizard after his exile and orchestrated a plot to manipulate those who become trapped on the island of his exile (a Narrative, perhaps) in order to reverse the wrong done to him, with a daughter called Mirand(a/us), and as tempests often have lightning so then tying to the electrical phenomena, and ... well, I don't really have much else ...

... Okay, so this isn't even a full observation, but I hope the general idea has been conveyed. Can anyone see any connections besides this tenuous one to Shakespeare's works, especially the rest of the Tempest? Or that Mirandus is somehow a place where story ideas converge?


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