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I’d like to suggest an idea for an upcoming episode of the Shardcast, something I’ve been fascinated by for a couple of years. 

Idea: explore the influence of Robert Jordan on Sanderson. You could summarize how Jordan inspired Sanderson, but I picture something more like a nuts and bolts discussion of what elements of Jordan’s writing he adopted, used-but-twisted. 

Context: I’m doing a reread (third time total) of the Wheel Of Time in prep for the Amazon TV series. The more I read Jordan, the more I see just how deep the influence goes. 

Examples (tons more than what’s listed here)

Both writers use in world documents To add depth and advance the story 

Both explore gender roles deeply 

similarities in how “racy” the books get

Names that appear in both books (did Sanderson flat out take them from WoT as an image?)

use of Kramer/Reading for audiobooks


It would also be very fruitful to talk about differences between the two (just one example here, for length of post’s sake: Sanderson portrays battles very descriptively, while Jordan painfully avoids describing battle sequences. 

I love the podcast!  Thanks Chaos, et al.  Keep it up!


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That's a great podcast idea! I might be a while until this one happens, though, since I haven't read Wheel of Time at all...


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