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entertainment within the supremacy: a bleak perspective

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just a random thought struck me: if the supremacy frowns so much on violence, and everyone is so strongly against violence and can't stomach it, then what kind of entertainment do they have? what movies, stories, games?

no action movies. ewww, all that violence. appalling. :wacko:

not even slapstick cartoons. trying to portray violence in a funny way to make it appealing to children. horrible.:o

in fact, no movies, books or anything that involves any kind of aggression.:(

no contact sports. can you imagine those guys trying to play football? the ball rolls in an empty area of the playing field. two varvax from different teams run to take it. they notice each other, and they stop on their tracks "sorry, i didn't see you wanted to catch the ball. please, do take it" "no, no, you take it. i almost run the risk of trampling you in my recklessness. I'm coming to enjoy aggression too much, I should visit a psycologist":huh:

no war games. no strategic games, either real time or turn-based. no first person shooters or third person shooters. no stealth-based games. no 90% of adventure games. all stuff way more violent than any respectable sapient of first intelligence can stomach. probably not even monopoly, trying to bankrupt your opponent is already pretty edgy.

chess and related games should still be on the table, if we change some of the terminology that betray their origin as war simulations. some comedies would be ok, and romance too. pinball. athletics, which pretty much groups all the sports where you don't directly compete against anyone. and i can't think of anything else :o:o:o:o

what kind of life would that be? is it as bleak as it seems?

now that I think of it, I'm not picturing all those superiority races spending their days watching porn, because that (excepting a few extreme subcategories) has no aggression and would be one of the few things still allowed. :blink:


P.S. some may retort that probably they have our same entertainment because we also would not want to actually fight a war, but that's different. we don't want to engage in violence because it hurts people, us included, but we actually like violence. we like the thrill, the adrenaline rush, and that's why we found so many ways to simulate violence, so that we can get that rush without any of the drawbacks. but as far as i can see of the superiority, most people living there actively finds violence repulsive, they do not enjoy adrenaline rush (or whatever equivalent hormone is secreted by their alien bodies) and they find the whole experience taxing or sickening. the pilots remotely controlling krell ships were basically playing a videogame, and they were in the state of mind of exterminating pest, and yet even then they would only last a few months on the job before retiring for the stress.

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