Devotion and/or Dominion's Godmetal?

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While we were all taken in by the mystery of Ralkalest, the unForgeable metal and whether or not it was the same as aluminium, there was another substance that passed under our radars: Soulstones


Her ancestors had worshipped rocks that fell from the sky at night. The souls of broken gods, those chunks had been called. Master craftsmen would carve them to bring out the shape.

"Broken gods" could be referring to Splintered Shards


Soulstones are weird. They are perfect for Forgery. A soft and easy to carve chalk like substance that hardens into a quartz like substance.


Appearance-wise too it doesn't sound normal:


Soulstone, as a rock, looked not unlike soapstone or another fine-grained stone, but with bits of red mixed in

...but I'm no geologist, so if it is a real Earth substance like Ralkalest, just with a different name, tell me so! 


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I was wondering this just today, whether there was any godmetal on Sel. We have it confirmed that Ralkalest is Aluminum.  Regarding Soulstone, I really dont know. On the one hand we've been told that Investiture in the solid form is nearly always a metal, not this sort of crystal mineral.  On the other hand the Investiture surrounding Sel is already realmically unique so if there was a planet that could break the patter it would be Sel.  Soulstones are also the second best thing to make a Stamp out of next to actual Crystal (which is significantly harder to carve).  Especially with the WOB below, I think I lean toward it being just a peculuar stone that is notably easy to carve, kind of a Jade analog, because he enjoyed the carving he saw in Taiwan.  The way he describes Godmetals on Scadrial as being directly tied to their respective Vessels rather than the Shard itself makes me suspect that the Dor does not have a Godmetal at present.  







I have a question in regards to the soulstamps… When Shai is creating it she blows flakes off of it. Are those flakes able to be enchanted and do they have any power?

Brandon Sanderson

Do the flakes that Shai blows off the front of the soulstamp have any hidden power? The answer is, no. I'm sorry, nice theory. The blowing off is actually just related directly to my experience. Soulstamps come from--

I lived in Korea for two years as a Mormon missionary, and then I went back to Taiwan to visit because there's a huge Brandon Sanderson fan base in Taiwan. For those who don't know, what happened is the publisher who got The Emperor's Sou-- No, no, the publisher who got Mistborn in Taiwan, published it the same month or so that Hunger Games came out, and everyone who was looking for-- read The Hunger Games wanted something like it ended up buying Mistborn. So actually-- *laughter* It's one of those things over here, like The Maze Runner or one of these other YA dystopians are what took off in the kind of halo of The Hunger Games. Over there, Mistborn was in the halo of The Hunger Games. It actually sold about as well in Taiwan which is-- So we just sold tons of copies in Taiwan. So I went back and it was really fun-- by the way you can go to my timeline on Facebook and whatever, and here, people like to ask questions. A lot of the superfans like to have a question and things like that. There, the superfans like to get pictures. And so there are like 5,000 pictures of me and teenage schoolgirls *laughter over Brandon* just all over Facebook from that period. But I went and visited the palace museum.

And anyway, I remembered a time in Korea where I'd seen someone carving these and he would do a little of this and blow it off, do a little bit and blow it off. Kind of the old-school carver. Now most days it's actually-- they're actually made by machines. You load in a design, you lock in your little tojong into the machine, and it goes and it will carve it out to look like the little computer design. But you see occasionally old school people carving them hand-- That's why I made it do that, because I'd actually seen someone carving one. There is not supposed to be any hidden magical meaning, other than the fact the stone that they're using is a traditional type of stone, which may or may not have Invested properties.

JordanCon 2016 (April 23, 2016)



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