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Hello and welcome to the Alleyverse!

As our last guide is nearly two years old, I felt like restructuring and updating everything might be in order. As @Voidus did before me, I will base this on all guides that have been created so far, and resturcture it to make the information more easily accessible. I also added some content that might be helpful for new and old players, hopefully to close a few gaps we left open so far. Special thanks also to @Mraize and @Archer for your guides (The Alleyverse (Defined) and The Alleyverse Explained) and to @MetaTerminal for creating our wiki.

I will keep this thread locked, as it is for reference purposes only. If you have any information you would like to add, please PM me!

If you have any questions about the setting, the guilds, or just need some general support, please use The Chat Thread.



Disclaimer: The Seventeenth Shard does not guarantee or monitor the quality or nature of content hosted by any third party. 


Table of Contents

1) Rules and FFRP

2) How to start

3) Setting and background information

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Ground rules

All normal rules for the 17th Shard apply in the RP, for an extensive list please see the general Code of Conduct. As well, the Alleyverse adheres to the 17th Shard's RPG rating. If you're ever unsure if something is appropriate or allowed, contact an Admin or Moderator. We're always happy to address any questions or concerns.
If you notice something that may be a breach of the site rules please use the report option on the post so that someone in the staff can look into it.

Additionally there are some general rules for RPing that help everything flow more smoothly and let everyone enjoy this together.

Rule #1 - No Godmodding 

Godmodding is the practice of controlling another player's character. This could be direct control (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' feet and then Voidus runs away screaming in fear."). This robs another player of their chance to accurately portray what their character does in a situation and creates an inconsistent narrative. Always ask for permission before assuming you know what another character would do. If the player of that character has given you a general guideline of how their character should react you may be able to incorporate it into your post, but try to leave the description of a characters actions up to that character player whenever possible.
Sometimes a player simply doesn't allow another player the chance to respond for their character (eg. "My character shoots at Voidus' head, causing it to explode in a shower of blood"). This denies Voidus' player the chance to dodge the bullet or attempt to stop my character from shooting. (However exploiting this rule to allow your character to dodge every attack that is ever thrown at them is also considered bad form, for more information see the roleplaying rules below)
Finally, and sometimes most commonly, a player might simply presume the emotions of another players character, this may be explicit ("My character pulls out a giant hammer with thirty spikes in it, all of which then burst into flame, causing Voidus to fear for his life.") or implied by godmodding other actions (eg. "My character watches the tears slowly well up in Voidus' eyes when I tell him the news."). Deciding the emotions of another players character is no better (and arguably worse) than godmodding their physical actions.

These forms of Godmodding and any others are highly discouraged and may cause other players to be reluctant to continue playing with you and your characters. Always seek the permission of a characters player when assuming any behaviour from them.

Rule #2 - Be patient

Not always the easiest rule to follow but try to understand that players may have circumstances outside the game that limits their availability. Where possible players should try to pre-plan for any extended absences but in the case where schedules or time zones don't line up it can sometimes be a while between posts.
Try not to just ignore a players character if they are in a different schedule, make allowances for other people to respond to you, or you may need to be open to editing posts if a player has been unable to react for an extended period of game time.

Rule #3 - Have fun

The primary goal of this and any other RP is the enjoyment of the players. Don't be afraid to speak up if another players actions are stopping you from enjoying the game, but keep in mind that the other players need to enjoy the game as well, try not to railroad the entire story and make yourself the only hero or derail the story threads of other players. Communication is key here, make sure you talk to other players if you're not sure about a major decision.


This entire explanation (including the below prescript note) is copied verbatim from @Archer's post on the Alleyverse Explained. Thank you Archer!

This explanation uses information and direct quotes from @TwiLyghtSansSparkles post on FFRP. I recommend that you read her post as well. Thank you TwiLyghtSansSparkles!

FFRP is like a collaborative fanfiction. Participants create characters which they write for that interact with other participant’s characters in a shared world.

Each participant is encouraged to create a ‘primary character’. They may create a few other characters as well, but these characters should be used to support and develop their primary character or the plot. So called ‘secondary characters’ may include spren, companions, apprentices, or heirs (to take over from a primary character when needed). They should not be created to abuse their possessions or investiture for personal gain, or to tag team another character. You may also create non-player characters (NPCs) to interact with or use. For example, an NPC might be created to have a dialogue with at a store while your character is shopping, or an army of NPC knights may be created to attack a castle. As a general rule of thumb, you should not be writing for and developing more than a few characters on a regular basis. 

The FFRP is character-driven. There is no official goal or end result of the FFRP; often there is just a loose plot. Your aim should be to develop your character. Characters determine what will happen next by how they interact with their setting and with other characters. Participants rely on their writing talents and use of description to determine outcomes.

To prevent accidental or intentional abuse of the lack of rules, the FFRP is regulated by consensus. Participants should not unrealistically shield their characters from the consequences of their actions or, create overly powerful characters or characters with a large amount of assets in comparison to those of other participants. If you do so, other participants will politely ask you reconsider your post(s) and to edit them to be fairer or more realistic.



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Thread types

Thanks to @Nohadon for contributing to the content of this section with his guide to thread creation!

The RP consists of numerous types of threads. When creating a new thread please try to add appropriate tags as listed below so that they can be found more easily. A few main types include:

Discussion Threads

Out-of-character threads are used to discuss the RP itself. Much discussion also happens in PMs or  The Chat Thread. When creating a thread which contains no direct RP in it andthat is intended solely for out of character discussion, please include the 'OOC' (out of character) tag in the thread when creating it.

Guild Threads

These are threads used for the worldbuilding of a guild’s base, and for out of character comments and announcements about a guild, for example a request to join it.
When creating a new guild thread, please include the 'Guild' tag.

Main Plot Threads

These are threads used for the interaction of many characters engaging in a large story arc.
When creating a thread for a new major plot, please include the 'main plot' tag and if this is one thread in a series, please include some tag for the overall series in each thread that is a part of it.

Supporting Threads

In-character threads that are less active than Main Plot Threads, but serve the purpose of developing characters by providing them with assets or focusing on more personal interactions, for example a character’s shop that sells swords.
When creating a supporting thread please include the 'side plot' tag.

These threads sometimes center around where they are set, making them 'location' threads. 

Threads made for the purpose of character development (usually consisting of posts related to what a character does outside of the Main Plot) are tagged 'CD'. 


A structured thread for two characters to duel in. Check for additional restrictions imposed by the mediator of the duel, for example, a request for non-combatants not to interfere. 
When creating a dueling thread, please include the 'duel' tag.


Out of character comments

Please put all "out of character" comments in quote boxes, so that they are easily discernable from "in character" actions. This isn't neccessary in threads with the 'OOC' (out of character) tag.

Joining a thread

Any one can join a thread, simply by posting in it. Joining a guild thread works by simply talking with people either in or out of character. Joining a roleplay thread involves having your character exit the previous location thread, then arrive on the new thread, to maintain continuity. Please try to avoid having one character in several locations at the same time, as that usually ends up complicating the rp unneccessarily. If you want to join two different plots, you can always do that by creating two different characters.

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Dueling/ Fighting other characters

Violent interactions between characters can lead to godmodding (see the rules above). In rp it can always happen that two characters end up in a fight. Especially if that fight is suspected to be a longer interaction, a dueling system was created to make sure that the fight will be fair for both parties. Of course shorter conflicts can be always written in another thread. In this case please make sure that your character acts in a fair way!

Especially for larger conflicts a duel can be the better alternative. For each duel, a separate topic from the main RP is made. A duel consists of at least two participants and a mediator. The participants take turns attacking each other. The mediator (who is an out-of-character participant) ensures everyone is fighting fairly and may intervene to settle disputes that arise. At the start, each character is assigned 100 HP. When a character is attacked, the mediator decides the damage done to each character and deducts it from their total. The first person to reach 0 HP loses. Variations of this format are used depending on the circumstances. Non-combatants can post in the thread as well, but usually don't interfer with the duel itself.

Please keep in mind, that it is possible for a character to die during a duel. Conditions for that will usually be discussed with the mediator at the beginning, so that everybody knows all rules and the situation they're getting into. And of course you can always forfeit, if you want to protect your character.

Getting hit during a fight

When writing a duel or a fight, it is considered bad sport to have your character evade and escape every single action of the other one. Please think about how you would feel if you allow your character to be hit, only to realize you're the only one, and the other character, isn't hit a single time. That doesn't mean that you can't evade a single attack, or divert a blow, but please try to keep it fair and react in a way that both sides of the conflict have fun.

What to do with injuries

If your character is injured during a fight, what you do afterwards is totally up to you. In general it's about your character, so you get to choose what to do now. If you want them healed quickly, of if you prefer to have them feel the consequences for a while longer, depends on you. So far, injuries sometimes led to side plots by themselves with different characters helping, bringing treatment, or searching for an injured person. Here are some examples what you could do afterwards (and everything else you can come up with):

  • Ask around if someone is playing a character specialized on healing and would like to rp a little scene with you.
  • Write some NPCs giving treatment to your character.
  • A smaller wound could simply be mentioned for a logical time afterwards, and only bandaged

But by no means an injury leads to you being unable to go on with the rp!

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How to Start

Hopefully this sections makes joining the Alleyverse easier. If you have any other questions, please go to our chat thread and ask them there. Either a mod, or one of the other players will reply quickly and help you get started! Alternatively you can join our discord server (Link above), or take a look at the setting descriptions in this thread.

What is the Alleyverse?
The Alleyverse is a Free Form Role Playing Game (FFRPG) played on the forum. It takes place in the Alleyverse, a universe where all of Brandons worlds and magic systems coexist. Hemalurgic monsters exist, as do Elantrians, Mistborn, Chasmfiends, Knights Radiant, Awakeners and a few poor saps trying to rebuild a city that we destroyed. Worldhoppers from all over the cosmere and beyond journey to the Alleyverse to interact with each other and the local guilds. Players create characters within this universe and interact with each other in a group Role Play and collaborative story.

What do I have to do to join?
Nothing. ;)

We are always happy to greet new players and if you want to join, you are very welcome to do so. If you want to, you can take a look at the Chat Thread, say 'hi' to everybody, but it is by no means neceessary. You can always create a character and after approval hop in immediatly. For character creation, I would like to refer you to our general character thread. The first post contains some general guidelines, as well as a blank character template you can copy and use.


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The Setting

The Alleyverse

The Alleyverse is an alternate universe in which all Brandon’s magic systems exist together. The official term for a denizen of the Alleyverse is a Homeless. How it came about is a mystery. Philosophers have suggested that its creation could have been by the hand of an Epic, a shard, or some other powerful being. The planet that the characters interact on resembles Earth. It has similar gravity, plate tectonics, and climate.

In the Alleyverse, all settings mentioned in Brandon's books exist, and can be accessed. 

The Alleyverse was the product of a collaboration of a number of existing guilds, primarily the Dark Alley. It began when they began roleplaying with each other, originally using a first-person format. By unspoken agreement, they all interacted within the same universe, a shared location built by their writing and interaction between themselves.

The community eventually built into a third-person roleplaying universe, using the pre-existing worldbuilding already established. This became Alleyverse.

Alleycity/ Alleyvillage

The Alleycity/Alleyvillage is located in the Alleyverse. It is an urbanized area wherein the guilds of the Alleyverse are headquartered and their members spend their time in. It is an inexplicable city, as it is filled with a wealth of natural resources, a concentration of magic, and a lack of central governance. The city is reminiscent of Elendel in Mistborn Era 2, although remarkably modern buildings can be seen interspersed among the castles and warehouses. There are plenty of homes, filled with NPCs who live ordinary lives. The climate is similar to that of North America, hot in the summer and cold in the winter. The main area is similar to the national mall in Washington DC.



(This is copied almost verbatim from MacThorstenson’s post Chronicles of the Alleyverse.)

In the beginning, there were the universes. Every possible one existed separate and apart form the others. Nothing connected them except for the primordial vacuum that they floated in. This vacuum is known as the Void. It is impossible for mortals to understand the Void in its true essence. To attempt a description, I will use the metaphor that I was told once. The Void is like the alleyway between buildings, but on a inter-cosmic scale. The universes are like different buildings in a city, and the Void is like the Alleyway in between the two buildings. 

There was a being who resided inside of the Void. His name is Voidus. similarly to the Void, it is impossible to understand his true form, but to try to understand him, I will use a quote from a very helpful member of the reptilian royalty. He stated that "A Voidus is pages upon pages of Epic profiles, It is a spike in the back in a dark alley. It is a slowpoke with a horriffic crab monster parasitically attached to its tail. It is, to put it simply... the void that is in all of us."

Voidus wanted one thing: to be able to push the bounds of knowledge, and sell cookies while he was at it. So he used his ability to maneuver around universes to found an organization that would accomplish these goals. They would push the bounds of the most complicated and elegant of sciences, Hemalugy, and sell the spikes in cookies. The trick was actually getting people to buy their products. The members of this organization were the People you wouldn't want to meet in a Dark Alley. The people who would stab you in the back with a spike. Those who were connected with Voidus. Who shared his purpose, his drive. They played to their advantages, selling cookies in the backs of dark alleys. This was the foundation of the organization modernly known as the Dark Alley, known as the DA for short. 

To accomplish their second goal, Voidus realized that they would need a base of operations. To do this, he set up labs on the various worlds, because communication was impossible between the universes for anyone that wasn't a cosmic being. Unfortunately, these labs kept on rediscovering the wheel. They would make the same discoveries, once one on Earth discovered something, one on Nalthis would discover the same thing a week later. He realized that they needed a way to communicate, to share ideas for the progression of science. To accomplish this he founded the allies. He took some of the essence of every single universe, and wrapped around a single spike that he had stabbed through a random universe, to spike out its cosmic stability. He inserted the spike into the void, and stabbed it into it. This new found place, where bits of all the universe were connected, became the alleys. They became the  shortcuts between buildings in the cosmic city. This was to be the Head Quarters of the Dark Alley.

The Worldspike is the Hemalurgic spike that literally holds the alleyverse together. It was placed by Voidus in the beginning of the Alleyverse. There are security measures to protect it from attacks.

To cover his creation from the rest of the multiverse, Voidus created a more physical representation of the alleys. If the Alleys were the cognitive realm, subject to the perception of Voidus, or whoever needed to use them and was granted power by voidus, this was the physical realm. Subject to the physical laws of earth and the cosmere and randland (these were the universes closest to the alleyverse) it was what most would consider the normal part of the alleyverse. It was built using the alleys as a base, a foundation, which were built using the world spike. 

People eventually found out about the alleyways. This physical plane was where they could safely reside. (for nondenizens, the alleyways posed a danger. Without cognitive manipulation it was nearly impossible to avoid the hordes of eldritch horrors that populated this plane.) On this physical plane, people gathered into guilds, each one with a goal. Many guilds rose to oppose the DA, but they eventually fell as they weren't strong enough. Other guilds survived for many years.

Then, the plague struck. This was known as the plague of inactivity. It destroyed many guilds, most of their members left, either to join the infected, or to escape its horrible effects. The DA was able to survive, because of the Allies, and the fact that it could always retreat to its original labs on various worlds. It was the only guild left in the wreckage. 

Eventually, activity returned to the Alleyverse during the beginning of 2017, with new guilds such as the Canton of Combat, TUBA, the Ghostbloods, the Liebrary, and others. These guilds were soon embroiled in a great Guild War, and many duels and events were held during this time.



The Alleyverse is split into several Eras. Each Era is basically one main plot that we wrote together:
Era 0: The days before the Alleyverse was formalized, including the shadowdays of inactivity and everything that came before.
Era 1: The era where the Alleyverse was formalized, includes the formation of many of the current guilds as well as the main story threads that culminated in the Seven Day War in the Alleycity.
Era 2: The era where the Alleyverse grew into what it is today, gaining new members, new guilds, new insanity. This era takes place 16 years after the end of the seven days war and culminated in the release of Voidus from the barrier around the world spike.
Era 3: During this Era a company set up their headquarters in Alleycity. They allowed for demon-like creature to come into the city in an attempt to take over control. They were defeated in a huge fight, needed the DA to step in to fight them back.

Era 4:This Era lead our characters below the ground, when a set of caves were discovered. After several days of exploring, they discovered Atium and decided to hand it over to the DA, to keep it safe and prevent the economy from collapsing.
Era 5: This Era will start at the 15th May 2020. For questions about the Main Plot, please take a look at the chat thread and the ongoing discussions there.

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The Guilds

Many players, and many characters, are organized in guilds. In the rp, the whole Alleyverse is basically ruled by the guilds, who lead and control trade, science, and even governmental functions. Next to the three larger Guilds (The DA, TUBA, the Ghostbloods) there are several smaller guilds (e.g. The Scholar's Guild). New guilds can be added and old ones can vanish, depending on the activity of their members.

Joining is a guild is possibility, but it is definitely no "must" to be able to join the rp. If you prefer to wait and see what happens, then that is always fine and nobody will think less of you! You can always join a guild later, should you change your mind.

How can I join a guild?

Every guild has a guild thread, which is usually called like the guild itself. If you want to join, you can go to such a thread and simply post there, ask for more information, or to be able to join. Alternatively, you can simply ask in The Chat Thread, which guilds are active and for some more information about them.

You, as a writer, can join several guilds if you want to. Characters usually belong only to one guild, or to no guild at all. If you want to your characters can belong to different guilds than you do. In that case please contact the members of this guild before you do, to make sure you depict the guild and its actions correctly.

Can I create a new guild?

Of course!

If you want to create a new guild, you can simply start a new guild thread and wait for others to post there. In general, I would advise you, to ask in The Chat Thread first, see if someone would be willing to write a character belonging to your guild. Additionally you might be able to get some feedback on your idea and can improve the guild and what it does in rp, before you create the thread.

Which guilds are active at the moment?

Right now (May 2020) we have five active guilds. These are:

  • The Dark Alley (Scientists experimenting with Hemalurgy and other kinds of Investiture)
  • TUBA (oppose the DA, try to help the people of the Alleyverse)
  • The Ghostbloods (Assassins and spies, remain mostly neutral in conflicts)
  • The Church of the Whiterose (Teachers, who try to help those that can't help themselves)
  • The Scholar's Guild (Scholar's focused on studying the Alleyverse)

Please keep in mind, that the description set in brackets is only a very short version of what the guilds do and what they are about. For more detailed information, please check our wiki, or ask their members for more details.


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A catalog of all the creatures of the Alleyverse (Work in progress).


Hemalurgic creations



 Project Phoenix:
Appearance: A giant bird (Approx. 100 foot wingspan), large, amber coloured eyes, red-gold feathers which burst into flame when utilizing its abilities.
Hemalurgic abilities: Feruchemical Iron, Feruchemical brass(x10), Feruchemical gold(x10), allomantic Gold(x10), Allomantic brass(x10), gravitation(x10), physical speed(x20).
Spikes: 75

Other notes: Capable of manipulating the flames that radiate out from its body, common means of attack are: Ripping out large sections of earth or buildings and Lashing them multiple times towards its targets to create miniature meteorites, Rushing past with incredible speed and igniting the battlefield, attacking with beak and talons.



Appearance: Appears to be a relatively normal Labrador retriever (Can be found with golden, black or chocolate coloring). Spikes are all concealed internally though brushing their fur would reveal some small metallic nodes. 
Hemalurgic abilities: Allomantic bronze (x10), intelligence (x2)
Spikes: 12
Other Notes: Able to see Investiture physically (Bronzesight), can also track Investiture by smell from extreme distances away. Are also far more intelligent than an animal, though are physiologically incapable of speech still. Their experience with bronzesight is enough that they are almost capable of precognition against Invested enemies, they can read the flow of Investiture and react before any physical manifestation is present.



Appearance: Human but with deep black voids in space instead of eyes.
Hemalurgic abilities: Duralumin Feruchemy,  5x physical speed.
Spikes: 8
Other Notes: Have had their Identity spiked from their body and they store Connection continually. This renders a Stranger almost impossible to notice, especially when combined with their enhanced speed. Will generally try to assassinate the closest living creature to them.



Appearance: Appear like Koloss, however these can grow up to twenty feet tall.
Hemalurgic abilities: Strength (8x), weight reduction
Spikes: 9
Other Notes: Incredibly strong, Incredibly angry. Kolossal have had a portion of their weight permanently removed from them, allowing them to exist at an evenlarger scale than a regular Koloss.



Appearance: Human but with bat like wings sprouting from their backs, sunken eyes and permanently sweaty (It's a bug, we're still ironing it out)
Hemalurgic abilities: Weight reduction, Enhanced Sight (2x), Iron Feruchemy, Iron Allomancy(2x), Surge of Gravitation
Spikes: 7
Other Notes: Excellent detection capabilities, general mode of operation is to fly up into the air, spot an enemy from an extreme distance, Lash themselves multiple times in that direction and then tap all their weight as they impact.




Appearance: A slightly larger than normal crow, copper spikes usually protruding from its beak and a coppery sheen to their claws, which usually carry more copper spikes.
Hemalurgic abilities: Copper Feruchemy, Duralumin Feruchemy,
Spikes: 4
Other Notes: Have an instinctual knowledge for Hemalurgy. They fly around in groups, and when they find a likely victim the flock descends, attempting to stab a copper spike into one of the victims bindpoints and spike out their memory, then store these memories in their copperminds.



Appearance: Human but tall (6-7 ft.), with a large hunch to their back and their teeth filed to points.
Hemalurgic abilities: Allomantic Zinc or Brass (x12)
Spikes: 12
Other Notes: Even when not using their allomantic abilities project an aura of despair around them, when using their Allomantic abilities they approach Duralumin levels of Soothing and Rioting.



Appearance: Varies
Hemalurgic abilities: Transformation Surge, Forgery, Connection to Sel, Feruchemical Aluminium, Intelligence (x5)
Spikes: 9
Other Notes: An early attempt to artificially recreate a Kandra, able to physically change their appearance to match that of anyone that they have seen. If able to touch an individual they are able to recreate their Identity completely. Act as infiltrators.



Appearance: Humanoid, ashen gray skin, spikes run directly down the spine, visible from behind.
Hemalurgic abilities: Transformation surge, Division Surge, Allomantic steel (x5), Allomantic pewter(x5), Feruchemical Iron, Feruchemical gold
Spikes: 14
Other Notes: Using steelpushing and weight manipulation for enhanced mobility, Strikeshots are effective combatants at both short and long range. Using the surges of Transformation and Division to create ample ammunition which they then fire from a distance, or to create weapons which they can use in close range. Should they encounter enemy allomancers they will continue to use metallic weapons but continually disintegrate and reform them.



Appearance: Humanoid, veins are more prominent and emit a dim, dark light from their skin.
Hemalurgic abilities: Transportation, Dhakor Aon-Cancelling(x2), Dhakor enhanced durability, Dhakor enhanced strength(x2), Allomantic pewter(x2), Allomantic Chromium(x4), Feruchemical Steel, Feruchemical Gold
Spikes: 14
Other Notes: Anti-Investiture troops. Cancel any active Investiture used by their opponents, then move them both to the cognitive realm to cut them off from support and attempt to overwhelm opponents in one-on-one combat.



Appearance: Short, lithe humanoid, steam appears to be constantly emitted from their skin.
Hemalurgic abilities: Division, Transformation, Transportation, Gravitation, Adhesion, AonDor, Feruchemical Brass, Feruchemical Gold, Allomantic Gold
Spikes: 9
Other notes: Use a variety of means to attack using heat, transforming items directly into fire, heating existing objects using the surge of Division, AonDor or Brass Feruchemy. Using Transportation and Gravitation they maintain high mobility and utilize hit and run tactics, engulfing a wide area in heat and moving away before counterattacks can be performed.

Kolossal commander


Appearance: Appear like a Kolossal, however have four arms instead of two and have notably less insanity in their eyes
Hemalurgic abilities: Strength (8x), weight reduction, Feruchemical Gold, Allomantic Gold, Allomantic pewter(x2),Shardblade bond(x4), Intelligence
Spikes: 18
Other Notes: Stronger, faster and more graceful than a regular Kolossal owing to their Allomantic pewter, these Kolossal are also notably more intelligent and less feral than other members of their race. They wield a Shardblade in all four of their hands and act as a vanguard during an attack, usually leading a group of Kolossal, sometimes other Hemalurgic creations, however they are always accompanied by a Dread or Dreadlord who keeps Allomantic control over them.




Appearance: Feral, cannibalistic humanoids. Appear humanoid in shape, usually with canine features, rubbery skin and hairless.
Natural abilities: 1 in ten may be spiked with an Allomantic of Feruchemical ability, otherwise none.
Physical abilities: Darkvision, otherwise no better than the physical abilities an athletic human might have.

Shoggoth :

Appearance: Shapeshifting balls of flesh. Usually have a multitude of eyes and mouths on their body along with a few amorphous tentacles.
Hemalurgic abilities: None
Natural abilities: Shapeshifting, Resilient, Physically Strong
Other Notes: Like a Kandra they can naturally shift their bindpoints, would be almost impossible to kill with Shardweapons due to difficulty cutting their core. Not quite animalistic in their intelligence they are not as intelligent as most humanoids. Likely competitive with a chasmfiend in physical strength.

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Alleycity map

This map was created in 2018. Please keep in mind, that some of the guilds mentioned aren't active anymore. Additionally a huge part of the city was destroyed at the end of Era 1. It has been mostly rebuilt, but traces of that destruction can be seen until today.




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