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“We’ve all been fools before,” said Demandred softly. “But this folly has been a pervasive one. I do not know why you have failed to trust me, Sammael, particularly when this snivelling creature was once Lews Therin’s servant. Or maybe...he was Lews Therin himself?” 

Sammael raised an eyebrow, and said nothing. It certainly appeared more reasonable to him that Demandred was the traitor here. Nothing had been seen of his movements before his sudden reappearance in Amadicia, to fight the Dragon. At least they knew where Asmodean had been. As the other man began approaching Asmodean, Sammael readied a weave of fire and flung it at his erstwhile ally, just as Demandred’s hand gripped Asmodean’s shoulder. The Mask of Mirrors around him flickered and failed, revealing the face of a ruddy youth whose eyes contained the memories of another man, long since dead. The Dragon. Rand al’Thor wasted no time, rolling away from the oncoming blast of flame and preparing a final weave to end Sammael, who stood exposed and shocked. 

Yet something existed between him and the Source. A slick boundary. He spun to Demandred, whose face, wreathed in agony, bore a grim smile and look of satisfaction. “I will not say avenge me, Sammael,” he croaked. “But your eyes should now be clear. Kill him.”

Amethyst Scorpion was lynched!

Scorpion (2): Falcon

Falcon (2): Scorpion, Hyena

Emerald Falcon was killed! He was Demandred the Forsaken! 

Cycle 9 has begun! It will end in about 23.5 hours, on Tuesday 28 April at 9 PM EDT. 

Due to low playercounts, there is no longer a lynch. 

This cycle is shortened to 24 hours. Get your orders in on time, please, as it should be relatively straightforward system of picking the best way to kill your enemy. :P 

Good luck! 

[Player List]

Amber Vulture Semirhage
Amethyst Scorpion
Azure Mouse Graendal
Charcoal Hyena
Chartreuse Penguin Moghedien
Coral Swan M’Hael
Cream Tuatara Lanfear
Emerald Falcon Demandred
Fuchsia Ostrich Mesaana
Indigo Weasel Aran’gar
Ivory Dragonfly Moridin
Magenta Albatross Rahvin
Mauve Crocodile Shaidar Haran
Melon Dingo Osan’gar


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Spare no words, Telamon. Your end is nigh!


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The game is over! Please allow a 24-hour rollover period so we can get a writeup done, and you’ll see the results then! 


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