Thief: Deadly Shadows and Elantris

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Spoilers for something completely unrelated to Brandon - the original Thief trilogy of games :-P


This is a little random, I know, and this isn't a new observation for me, but if anyone here is a fan of the original Thief series (Thief: The Dark Project / Gold; Thief 2: The Metal Age, and; Thief (3): Deadly Shadows), did it strike anyone else as interesting that:

  • TDS was released a year before Elantris was published, but Elantris was written years before TDS was released;
  • Both focus heavily on a City and both feature geometric based magic;
  • and most significantly: Elantris is all about fixing the magic system by fixing the spell built into the shape of Elantris, and TDS is about BREAKING the magic by completing a spell based on the shape of The City


All in all this is something I'd been meaning to talk about before, but kept forgetting to do. So, anyone else a fan of the Thief series?



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Never played, but shoot it just got added to my list.


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