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A WoB and it's implications

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So I found this WoB


Thoughtful Spurts

If tapping heat means your own body gets hotter, does it also mean you become immune to hot temperatures so long as you're tapping it, or should you fill heat and grow colder for that to happen?

Brandon Sanderson

As everything in Feruchemy, you become immune to the effects of the ability only. Like weight doesn't crush you, but at the same time doesn't have a net gain in strength. Growing colder, however, would be more helpful in this regard.

17th Shard Forum Q&A (Sept. 26, 2012)

And I thought, so what happens when you tapp tons of heat, do we get a human torch effect on our hands, someone who could melt everything around them but was themselves fine?


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It's been speculated that it might indeed be possible :D

Check out this topic by @PrinceGenocide:



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