Reply to 17S Forum and Discord Policies

By LadyLameness,
Spoiler and Unpublished Works Policy Unpublished work that has not been publicly released by Brandon and his team (including the original manuscript of Dragonsteel), may not be discussed on any 17th Shard platform. Publicly available chapters or samples of unpublished work may be only discussed in the appropriate forum or Discord channel.  If in a book specific forum or channel, you wish to refer to another series please use spoiler markup or, if appropriate, move to a full spoiler channel. A reference to what the spoiler is related to, should also be included. (eg. OB (SPOILER)) Forum: The ‘eye’ button will create a spoiler box in which text and images can be added. Discord: Add || to either side of a sentence without spaces at the beginning or end (eg. ||spoilers||) Forum:  Stick to the appropriate forum. Check forum board description if you are unsure. Spoiler topics posted in non-spoiler forums must contain ‘Spoiler’ in the topic title. New books can be discussed in the dedicated new book subforum/area only.  Topic titles should not contain spoilers  Only post topics on new works in the new book subforum/area. Do not post it outside of these areas.  Discord:  Stick to the appropriate channel. Check the channel topic if you are unsure. New books can be discussed in the dedicated spoiler channel only.  Dedicated spoiler channel will have full spoilers for entire universe (eg. all cosmere books can be discussed in the spoiler channel for any new cosmere books) New books should not be discussed in the regular book channels until the spoiler period has ended. Some exclusions like fanworks and cosmemes apply, and new books can be discussed here tagged. Work channels like Coppermind or Arcanum can have new book spoilers untagged. Check channel topic if exclusions apply.  The tagged spoilers channel can have any spoilers, but must always be hidden behind spoiler tags. Spoiler Period and Spoiler Period Lengths for Forums and Discord: Cosmere novels - six months Cosmere everything else - three months Non-cosmere novels - three months  Non-cosmere everything else - one month