17S Forum and Discord Policies

By LadyLameness in 17th Shard Discussion,
See Also: Code of Conduct | Etiquette Guide | Forum Welcome & Information Below are a number of policies that apply to the forums and Discord. Sometimes, these get broken either accidentally or by technological malfunctions--if you come across anything that goes against these policies please let the staff know so that we can fix things up in the background (delete spoilers, move threads etc).  These are, in general, administrative fixes that won’t have any impact on members or lead to moderation--don’t worry, we all make mistakes! However, members found to be deliberately or repeatedly (after being reminded of the below) breaking policies may be moderated. For more information on reporting, please see the ‘Reporting’ section of the 17th Shard’s Code of Conduct. Reporting can be done via the forums or Discord. General Policies Forum Polices Discord Policies Spoilers and Unpublished Works Policy
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