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New informations on the Multiverse/Apocalypse Guard (WOB and recent reading)

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So, in the last weeks, two interesting informations surfaced regarding the Reckoners multiverse, and since I haven't seen people talk about them, I thought I might just share them.

It’s been confirmed from the get-go that Apocalypse Guard would take place in the Reckoners multiverse. Now, it has been uncertain for some time whether or not Apocalypse Guard would actually ever be released, since Brandon had a bunch of problems with it. Even after getting Dan Wells on board, he still wasn’t sure about it. So the story that was meant to expand on the multiverse was almost scrapped. Also, Snapshot, which was originally intended as taking place in one Core Possibility (the only one besides the Reckoners series up to that point), was pulled out of the continuity for film rights reasons. So the multiverse as a project seemed to have come to a halt, and I always thought that him writing Skyward as a new big YA project was meant to make up for that. Then this WOB surfaced:



Calamity from the Reckoners series–is there any connection between him and the delvers from Starsight?

Brandon Sanderson

Yes. Very, very loose connection, but there is a connection. 


Okay, because I was like, "[...] There is a connection."

Brandon Sanderson

There is a connection. And Apocalypse Guard was kind of supposed to bridge between these things, but it didn't end up coming out, and it may not even be a bridge when we finally revise it because we have to make the book good, rather than worrying about that. But it was supposed to kind of do that. It's gonna work well if I can fix the ending. I've just gotta fix the ending.

LTUE 2020 (Feb. 15, 2020)

So, albeit momentarily uncertain and non-canon, there is a connection between Skyward and Reckoners, which would be elaborated on in Apocalypse Guard? That would make Skyward part of the multiverse.

Then there was also the reading with Dan Wells in February, with Brandon stressing that they will get Apocalypse Guard released eventually. Dan Wells’ went on to read the beginning of the first chapter (which has now been reworked). And, behold, this chapter features another hint on something else a few paragraphs in, which I will leave to you to hear for yourselves:

In case you missed the connection/don't know what I'm talking about:


The Rithmatist takes place on an "American Archipelago", like the one mentioned as a Core Possibility in the Apocalypse Guard reading:


So: Brandon seems to be confident about Apocalypse Guard eventually being released, and if he manages to keep these things in there during the process, the multiverse will be very alive and breathing at last - much moreso than I would have thought! Actually, this seems to be heading towards insane "Canon Wielding" with it. Who knows which other works he will combine? Peter once suggested that Alcatraz would also be a contender for a Core Possibility. This raises some questions: With Apocalypse Guard apparently connecting a whole bunch of Brandon’s non-Cosmere works, will the forums adopt to that in any way? Will there be a “Multiverse” section along with the already existing “Cosmere” section, and then a third, "Other Works" section instead of the current "Non-Cosmere Works" section? I kinda fear the multiverse will give this forum’s (and, in some ways, the Coppermind's) structure a hard time in the future. :D

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I love the idea and am TOTALLY down for a Earth-Multiverse situation (the idea of a "perfect" reading order for Sanderson's YA stuff is too exciting on its own now!), but for now I'd honestly just like The Apocalypse Guard and The Atzlanian to work as books and come out first...


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