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So, in my ELA class, I have to write a poem about a chosen book. I chose Warbreaker. It has to be in Haiku form. It has to be about how the characters changed throughout the course of hte book. This is what I have so far. Any tips or advice on how to make it better?



Unimportant, free

Living her life carelessly

The princess baby


Father gave her up

Father loved Vivenna more

Forced into marriage


Queen of Hallendren

Serious and hardworking

Time to stop a war




Controlled childhood

Destined to marry God King

Oh, wait, nevermind



Unimportant, free

Father sent Siri instead

Time to go save her



Turned to a beggar

Was taught how to use her Breath

She fled with Vasher




A god people praise

He doesn't feel that special

Man brought back to life



A coming war starts

Time to be responsible

The Pahn Khal rise up



The God King is trapped

And Blushweaver has been killed

My breath becomes yours.



A black talking sword

Who is obsessed with evil

Does not change that much. 


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8 hours ago, Kelsier'sGodComplex said:

He wanted Vivenna more

Nice poem.  I would change this to loved.


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At first glance Id recommend moving the "Beginning/Middle/End" bits to a more obvious title location rather than in the first line, it throws off the syllable count.  



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