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20200302 - Fall of the Imperium Ch 1 - 3884 words - Sub 12

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18 hours ago, Snakenaps said:

I'll happily read anything you toss my way. If it is about the same length as what I read for Mandamon, it takes me about two weeks to critique a book. I don't go for line by line edits, but rather for general impressions, what I am enjoying, what I am confused about, reader promises, that kind of jazz. I like Google Doc versions, so I can read it on my phone and add comments.

Noted! TMM is only 90,000 words, so it's a relative breeze, I think.

18 hours ago, Snakenaps said:

I've never seriously revised before, and I didn't realize how long it would take.

Oh, yah.

18 hours ago, Snakenaps said:

...but I never knew that revising a book would actually be harder than writing it. Shows what I know. If you have any resources, tips, or tricks on revising, I'll happily take them.

Do you know, I think if you are finding it hard, as you describe, then you are probably doing it right!! If the revising is easy, something is wrong :lol: 

18 hours ago, Snakenaps said:

Seriously, though, when I start posting, I want you to tear my book apart. I really do want to try to get it published, and that means destroying any weaknesses and boosting up my strengths. So I need some outside, unbiased eyes who are willing to tell me the hard truth.

That's a deal :) 

18 hours ago, Snakenaps said:

Let me know what you think. If you want me to critique the ending chapters of TCC this weekend, I'm happy to give you my impressions and I'll do my best to get an idea of the plot. 

I'm happy for you not to, on the basis that you haven't read what went before. Also, I doesn't seem fair of me to to ask you to read TMM or TCC, given that I'm not going to be editing them for a while.


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