MR40 Aftermath: But I'll Win Anyway

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Rayne raced through the caverns, feeling increasingly trapped. He longed for the freedom of the sky, the song of the stars. But there was no way out. No way up. His enemies were closing in. They had come so close.

Close to throwing off the government that quelled the defiant.

Close to changing how people thought of defiance.

Close to making a better world for the truly Defiant.

Some hope still remained, though. The few chosen by Ironsides were closing in, but Rayne still had some defiance left. If he were to fall, it would be in a final glorious moment.

Footsteps thundered behind him. He didn't risk a look back, but simply counted the falls, the patterns. Two people, both running. It would be easy enough. Two had given him little trouble before. But then he'd had Fade and Scrivner.

Rayne was alone. But still defiant.

He spun as his enemies gained on him. He raised a pistol, finger already depressing the trigger.

A flash of light shot from one attacker. No, not a flash. A line. It latched onto the pistol, pulling it downward. His shot missed. The attacker was on him, then, wrapping the light-line around his hand, then his body. Trapping him. Holding him back.

"Rayne, callsign Fins. You are being arrested under the authority of the Defiant Defense Force, authorized by Admiral Judy Ivans, callsign Ironsides."

Rayne fought against his captors. Both were now holding him, pushing him toward his fate. Would they kill him? Or would they let him rot in prison? He wasn't sure which he would prefer.

"The Disputers will not end here. Others will take up the cause and continue to defy the Defiant. I may die today, but I'll win anyway."


Abstrusity has been arrested! They were a Vici Warrior and a Disputer.

The Defiant Defense Force has rooted out all of the Disputers and have won the day.

Player List

  1. Kynedath DDF
  2. Zillah Heir First Citizen
  3. Elkanah DDF
  4. Kidpen First Citizen
  5. Rathmaskal Pilot on Deep Reserve
  6. StrikerEZ!Coda Vici Warrior
  7. Araris Valerian Heir First Citizen
  8. The_God_King Bountiful Gunner
  9. Xinoehp512 Igneous Engineer
  10. Coda DDF
  11. Fifth Scholar Pilot on Deep Reserve
  12. Abstrusity Vici Warrior
  13. shanerockes DDF
  14. Sart DDF

Disputer's Doc
Dead/Spec Doc
Master Spreadsheet


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Yay! We win! Thanks to @StrikerEZ for leaving and letting me play!


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Taifend smirked at the captured Disputers as the guards released him from the cell. Vindicated at last.

Victory! Well played, elims. We made a bunch of mistakes, and you very nearly had us.

I got pretty lucky this game. Despite the lengths the elim team went to to hide from me, every single scan I managed to hit not only an elim, but the elim doing the attacking that round... :P
Well done with the pocket on me, Fifth. I was more or less completely convinced you were village. Part of why it took me so long to post C3 is that I was having a hard time believing you weren't a villager. Looking back, I probably should have revealed earlier- but if I had, I might never have suspected you. I guess it turned out alright anyways. :P But those were certainly a tense last couple of rounds.
One final note- was I supposed to be informed about the pistol Abstrucity purchased C2?

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I feel like both sides got extremely lucky this game. The village with Xino's scans and leaving all their role-having players till the end, and the elims with getting roles on all three members. That was a close one. Good game!


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Hey all, Great game! I though for sure we had lost when I died! There were two things I totally lost track of though. I completely forgot about the light lines. Roleblocks OP. That helps us a lot even though the elims ended up with three at one point. The other I just realized was my only condolence was that the elims had to choose whether to kill someone or use my 63 chits to buy a gun... which was totally false as they could take both a role action and a buy action. 

GG elims! I don't know if there was any way you could have played that better! 

Thank you for GMing @Elandera, and also for giving me a reason to read this book! I tend to stick to just cosmere, but I'm really reconsidering that now as I'm halfway through Starsight. 

For anyone worried about the codes, most of them were Xinoehp correcting my spelling XD. The code is based on the US keyboard. For each letter you would type, just shift your fingers down one space. thus, 'q' becomes 'a'. 's' becomes 'x'. For the bottom row, you move to the top of the next column e.g. 'b' becomes 'y'; 'm' becomes 'i' and 'p' becomes 'q'. 

I might add more thoughts later, but we'll see.


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For anyone wondering about my codes, they were mostly a series of links buried in my posts to images of a script used in a video game and a cipher for understanding said script. In the future, I'll probably use a lot of white text.


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@Elandera Thanks for running this game!

@Fifth Scholar and @Abstrusity, it was a pleasure to scheme with you both. The only thing that would have made it better was actually winning.

@Sart I appreciate your support of me during Cycle 3 :P. Otherwise the last few cycles would have been rather less interesting.

@xinoehp512 Props to you for insane guesses as to our identities. You never gave any hint as to your role in thread, and your accusations of me prior to your reveal seemed very unlinked to a scan. I was convinced that a Elkanah was the engineer, actually, which I why I tried to have you lynched. I didn’t want to force the engineer into outing me until we had a greater lead.

General thoughts on the game:

Mechanic wise, I think the chit/pistol combination heavily favored the elims. Especially since killing a player granted a share of their chits. Had it not been for Xino forcing our hand, we probably would have won from the 3 extra kills from all the pistols. This contributed to another minor problem; the game was somewhat short. We were somewhat close to winning at the end of cycle 3. That cycle could also have been made less difficult for us if we had preempted Xino by claiming to have seen him sending in the kill. Of course, given the hidden village vote manip, this didn’t work out, but with slightly different kill targets, we’d have been fine.

I did greatly appreciate a positive incentive to remain active in this game, as opposed to an inactivity filter. (One problem, which came out of my analysis, was that half of the players working to get all the chits were elims) If I Gm a game, I will probably try and incorporate something similar. Maybe allow players to privately set their own activity expectations pre-game, and then reward them for holding to that.

I liked all the possible roles, and think that we could play again with the same distribution and have it be pretty balanced. The Bountiful Gunner reveal skewed things quite heavily in our favor, and without that (and Xino being crazy good), eventually one of use would have died, giving the village a place to work from.

The setting was a bit awkward to RP in, largely because (for those of us who had actually read the books), we still didn’t see much of the DDF society. Still, it was fun to defy the Defiants.

Overall, I had lots of fun. I don’t usually play MR games anymore, but this one had a nice pace and reasonable activity from everyone. Hope to kill (and be killed by) all of you again in the near future!


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Thanks everyone for playing! It's time for some of my thoughts.

The chit system definitely heavily favored the elims in this game. In retrospect, I would not have made them trade-able. The reward system and collection system was enough.

Role distribution was also slightly in the elim's favor. Had it not been for @xinoehp512's incredible luck in scanning the elim doing the attacking, the elims likely would have won because of their access to roleblocks and vote manipulation.

As for the second-to-last round, targets were all the difference between win and loss for either team. The two village roleblocks targeted the same elim (Fifth), and not the one who was submitting both kills. Unfortunately, Abstrusity targeted the Vici Warrior (Striker!Coda) with one of the kills. Had Abstrusity targeted Zillah and Rath, elims would have won.

This is probably the closest game I've GMd so far. Thank you all for making this a great game. Activity was good. Sorry I started failing with the write-ups. The last week of the game was rough for me personally, so write-ups were not my priority.

I thought I had more thoughts, but I can't think of them at the moment. :P Anyway, well-played everyone. And huge congrats to Xino for probably the best scanning record ever.


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