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Possible missed pun?

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So while rereading Warbreaker I discovered something I missed in my first read through. I think it's a pun that can only be caught if one has some knowledge of how the Nalthis magic system works.

 On page 79 chapter 7 of Warbreaker UK edition the following conversation takes place:


 "Scoot?" Lightsong asked, sitting up.

 "Your Grace," Llarimar said, bowing. "Are you enjoying the festivities?"

 "Certainly. You might say I'm positively infested. But what are you doing here in the court? You should be out with your family.

Now perhaps I am missing something here but from my reading of the scene Lightsongs pun makes very little sense. It doesn't really make any sense as his usage of infested lacks another word that makes the pun works in a way. During my reread however I realised that the pun does actually work in another way. I think Lightsong is talking about investure in the scene and commenting on how he as a returned is invested.

 Vasher explains as much on pg 508 Chapter 46 Warbreaker UK edition. He explains how Returned are the only kind of naturally occuring Biochromatic entities and that they come into existence invested like humans. WoBs also mention how they are full on investure such as hereherehere and here amounst others. So we do know this pun would work like that except is it reasonable to presume Lightsong would be aware of this?



What is something that you would have put in the Nalthian essay if you had one in there?

Brandon Sanderson

I probably would have talked about how close some of these scholars are on Nalthis to understanding all of this. They're probably the closest to understanding the nature of the cosmere of anyone outside of the people who are actually worldhoppers. I probably also would have given some hints where the pool is.

Arcanum Unbounded release party (Nov. 22, 2016)

 As explained above here Nalthis does have a pretty good idea about all this. As a result and considering how Lightsong has access to these scholars it may explain how Lightsong would at least have an awareness of this.

 Or perhaps I just missed the original pun and somehow made up a pile of nonsense about an alternative pun. Who knows?


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