Sharing Writing Prompt work?

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I'd love to read other people's work as they answer the weekly writing prompts.  Is there a place where people share them for review?




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Hi, YB :) 

I always wondered about that too, and was surprised that it didn't happen more on here. Some folks have in the past shared prompt writings on the WE site, in the chat on each of the episode pages, but not all that much, I think.

There is the Creators' Corner thread on this site, but I don't go over there much, personally. There doesn't seem to be a great deal of crossover between there and here, I think.

There is also the Reading Excuses group next door to this thread, but again, there's very little crossover between that page and this one. Although, a lot of the people on RE came to it through the WE podcast.

I must admit, after fourteen seasons of WE I've stopped doing the prompts. I'm just too busy writing (which is nice!). But, I'm always interested in discussing writing.

So, I guess what I'm saying is that I would pitch in with comments on here, if that was useful, as I keep up to date with the podcasts.


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