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What powers does Hoid posses currently


So far I know Hoid has

the Metalurgic powers(I'm shaky on things here)

A Lerasium bead

The weapon that killed Adonalsium

a number of breaths


am I missing something?


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- Hoid is a mistborn, we know he ate the lerasium bead to become one so he no longer possesses the bead itself.

- Hoid has enough Breath to reach at least the Second Heightening, due to his comments about gaining perfect pitch.

- Hoid has Yolish lightweaving but it was not fully functional for some reason, which is part of why he was so eager to bond a Cryptic.

- Hoid has bonded a Cryptic which means he's on his way to becoming a Lightweaver with everything that come with it. Not that a Shardblade or Plate is of any real use to him...

- Hoid possesses multiple unsealed metalminds of unknown properties. The speaker in the WoB says 'unkeyed' but the one Hoid gave to Wax was unsealed so it's likely Brandon simply didn't correct the speaker's mistake.

- Hoid is able to make use of Fortune in a currently unknown matter to know where he needs to be, though it doesn't tell him why he needs to be there.

- Hoid's immortality is related in some way to the remnants of the weapon used to kill Adonalsium. He doesn't possess the weapon itself, whatever it was.

- Hoid has some form of incredibly powerful healing which predates the Shattering and which he has to actively suppress if he wants to be hurt. His healing is so potent that he doesn't seem to consider anything short of Nightblade or a Shard to be dangerous to him and Brandon has said that in a melee between all of his characters, Hoid would be one of the last two standing simply because of how hard to kill he is. And then things would get silly because Hoid can't cause physical harm to people and even thinking about it can make him violently ill. We don't know the cause of this yet.

- Hoid has some way of manipulating Connection that lets him communicate without having to learn the local languages.

- Hoid possesses at least a one jar of Invested sand from Taldain which he can use as a sort of Investiture radar. There's no indication that he's capable of Mastering the sand however.

- At some point before the Shattering, Hoid possessed a gem with some currently unknown mystical properties, from which one of his many names is derived. This gem is now 'dead' per Frost's comment, though we don't know what that means.

- Hoid possesses the Moon Scepter and it's part of his attempts to get access to Selish magics.

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