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Though I feel like he has been discussed and dissected more then even 7th grade biology class would have, I'm surprised that we haven't gotten a shardcast specifically on Hoid.  I mean he may be something of a minor character so far but he does spark Some interest amoung the readership


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We haven't had a completely Hoid centered Shardcast, true. But Hoid is more of a curiosity at this point, than a character. That's changing fast since he seems to be taking an active role on Roshar. We'll probably get one after Book 4 or 5. Till then, we've had plenty of Shardcast & 17S material related to Hoid, as a Worldhopper & as someone from before the Shattering. There's been Shardcast heavily involved with Hoid & a certain bead of metal, iirc


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