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I've just find this WoB on arcanum, basically saying that we've missed things inside the stormlight pieces of art, especially in the circles of the characters, which are supposed to predict the future of the story.

What are you thinking about it, what is hidden just under our eyes?

Grant Willis

Are there any clues or easter eggs in Roshar/the cosmere that have not been discovered yet?

Brandon Sanderson

Yeah, but they're not ones that you should be able to discover. They'll just be things that you'll able to look back at. We embed some things here and there in the art, like the lastclap that was in foreshadowed in the margins of one of the art pieces in the first book, with someone catching a Shardblade. For instance, a lot of the little circles for characters at the start of the stories represent things that will happen much later in the series, but most of them are intentionally zoomed in of what the shot would be so that you can't tell right now, because these are not things that you're supposed to be able to figure out. Most things that I intended for you to figure out, you did, and some that I didn't intend you to figure out, you also did. So people can feel very proud of that. Yes, there are a bunch of easter eggs, there are a ton of them, but there is no way you can figure out what they are.

YouTube Livestream (Jan. 11, 2020)

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this thread still blows my mind a lil


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Hmm, Taln's chapter heading (nine lights above a mountain, possibly the Honorblades) is probably Proving Day and he was the odd Herald out.

Jasnah's chapter heading... I'm not sure what that is. This was also the Shallan chapter heading in WoK, before the two headings were separated 

Kaladin's chapter heading, I don't recognize the glyph on the flag, I'm not good at recognizing those

Szeth's chapter heading portrays him as the Assassin in White

Shallan's chapter heading is our good ol' cutie, Pattern

Lift's chapter heading is food. Nuff said.

Eshonai's chapter heading depicts her standing in Shardplate & carrying a Shardblade, standing in front of a storm (we see it's significance in WoR)

Venli's chapter heading depicts her with her back to a storm, holding a ball of light, probably Timbre

Navani's chapter heading shows a glowing gemstone or a fabrial

Dalinar's chapter heading shows the Kholin coat-of-arms

Adolin's chapter heading shows him in full battle regalia in a stance, probably mid-duel or practice

Bridge 4 umbrella chapter heading shows the bridge 4 patch

Moash/Vyre's chapter heading shows the torn Bridge 4 patch

We don't yet have a Renarin or Shalash chapter heading

So, Jasnah & Navani's chapter headings are the ones we really don't know about

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