My concept for a non-canon shard: Inquiry, the embodiment of divine curiousity,

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At the moment this is just a rough draft based on an idea I had brewing in my head for a while, I do however plan to expand upon it fully. Enjoy!



Inquiry is the concept of divine curiousity, of expanding boundaries, and asking questions. No matter how stupid. Inquiry is always about asking the next question, of research in progress. The idea that there’s a limited amount of knowledge in the universe is anathema to it. As is ignorance. It’s current Vessel is not the original, as it’s intent drives its users to give up the power to explore the Beyond. This has happened several times, as the users change the Endless Library changes somewhat in shape and organization. 


It is unique in that the Shardworld it arrived on was already a developing minor Shardworld in it’s own right. The world had its own fully fledged magic system based around computing information to affect the Physical realm, i.e: Use investiture to make heat transfer from one location to another by writing out mystical mathematical equations. That while, rigorous and time consuming, required relatively little investiture to activate. This system however is bounded to it’s Shardworld, Breven. 


Inquiry’s magic system functions via research into the “Endless” tomes. A mystical library located partially in the cognitive realm. Each book in the library is essentially a procedurally generated question, often times relevant to the user, which requires research to answer.


The books will never ask the user a question they know. Upon answering the question sufficiently, the book will reset and prompt another question that’s more advanced. 


Answering the questions grants the reader a progressively more advanced ability to peer into the spiritual realm, however they also become invested withInquiry to the point where they may become incapable of leaving the library and losing the ability to directly answer questions. 


The reader may also ask the books any question they wish, the books will then (if able) tell the user how to go about answering it. Though they will never give the user an outright answer, it may provide sources, locations, or ideas to trigger the user’s imagination. 


 This form of Savanthood is called librarianhood someone who has ‘rented’ (borrowing a tome from the library) is known as a Inquirer.


A visitor may ‘rent’ a book from the library for a certain period of time. This process requires vigorous investigation by the keepers of the Endless Tomes. Should the Inquirer be approved, they will have a book that can be called to the hand from any location. It is ‘endless’ but doesn’t increase in weight as it’s filled out. The user can communicate with it to open to any page they wish and record notes with a thought. Lastly, they can ask questions of the book as if it were in the library.


A rented book can record any other book simply by opening the Endless Tome and pressing its pages against another book. The contents can then be read at the users whim.


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