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So I have one friend IRL that reads Sanderson . We both read the same books at the same time and go back interpret what we have read . He has this crazy theory that Detritus is actually a Delver corpse . 

         He says the caverns in the Delver maze , spenda see are identical to the ones at home . I was like that was because an alien stole it from Spensa mind and showed it to Spensa . I thought about the Vision Spenda saw of the Delver that assaulted Detritus . So I was skeptical at first 

        But the more I thought about it the more it makes sense. What if the humans killed the first Delver . Built a station on the planets corpse . What if when they summoned the Delver thinking they could control it . It killed them accidentally when it went to investigate the Delver corpse.what if it wasn’t a random illusion from spensa mind but just s similar anatomy 


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