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6 hours ago, Iarwainiel said:

I logged in just to say I appreciate that you wrote "different from." It's one of my grammar pet peeves when people use [the other word which I shall not mention] instead of "from" (I'm a business writer for my day job), and you have made my tiny language-loving heart very happy today. :) Cheers!!

Haha I get that, it’s rather irritating when people do that. :lol:


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Skyward and Starsight had their own ups-and-downs. Skyward focused on character development and Spensa trying to prove herself. Starsight focused on the Superiority and the Krell. Skyward's plot was predictable in some ways, but it was still well structured. Starsight, however, had a lot of twists and turns (some good, some unnecessary).

I enjoyed both books, but if I had to choose, I'd go with Skyward. 



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