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So, we got this really useful little cupboard from my parents, but unfortunately the front was awful to look at. First, we thought to make a bigger print of some illustration from the Stormlight Archive, but then I had this idea...

It took 3 months from planning to drafting to implementing everything and to finally sticking it to the cupboard. But here it is now: My very own version of Pattern as he illustrates what is inside the cupboard by being - and growing out of - the flower of life. Oh yeah, by the way, it's a medicine cabinet.

These pictures can also be found in the Gallery.

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 7.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 6.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 5.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 4.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 3.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 2.jpg

(a) Pattern by Hopse 2019_10 1.jpg


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