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What with Homestuck have something of a Renaissance right now, I thought- hey, crossover?

I definitely put a bit more thought into the (mostly) main Homestuck cast on Roshar than the SBURB session of the primary Knights Radiant (plus Adolin), but I’ll include my thoughts on both here:

-John, Jane, and Jade are all in a Thaylen trading caravan. John is predominantly Herdazian with some Thaylen blood, Jane is mostly Thaylen, and Jade is also mostly Thaylen but has a bit of Horneater red to her hair. In the grand Herdazian tradition and so I don’t have to think about family trees too much, they all call each other cousin and I’m leaving it at that. Jane is training to be the next in charge of the trade caravan under the tutelage of Dads Egbert and Crocker, and is a fan of the conservative beauty of the Vorin havah. Jade is a wild woman and is as likely to remember to wear a glove on her safe hand as not. Both her and John are a source of constant shenanigans to their older cousin Jane.

-John is, unsurprisingly, a Windrunner- attracting the attention of an honorspren named Nana. I’m not making all the spren the kids’ sprites, but some are more fitting than other options.

-Jane is an Edgedancer with the surprisingly gruff cultivation spren who goes by Hegemonic (who despite his gruff exterior has some real “heart” if you catch my meaning. It’s Hearts Boxcars). Jane is none too pleased about being magic.

-Jade is a Bondsmith, as is fitting for the most powerful player in the Beta session. Seeing as how there’s a third godspren out there somewhere we don’t know about, I’ve decided to go with that untouched place and am currently flipping between Bec Noir or Bec Blanche as her spren.

-To complete the Egbert/Harley/Crocker/English family, Jake is a relative to them through Jade’s Horneater ancestry, and is alone out in the peaks somewhere, having a grand old time. Jake is a Willshaper- again not much is known about their powers but based on the name I’m currently assuming something to do with emotional control which seems thematic kind of to Hope as an aspect. AR/Hal is their spren and he’s a little insufferable.

-Over on the shattered plains, the Strider house is one of the minor noble houses fighting the war with the Parshendi. Dave and his half brother Dirk are both Brightlords, with Dirk representing the house with both plate and blade while Dave has just a blade. “Bro” is the man in charge of House Strider, with Dirk being his first kid before getting involved with the Lalondes.

-Speaking of, Mom Lalonde and her daughter Rose reside in Alethkar’s capital, Rose studying every bit of social science possible. Jasnah is most definitely her role model/gay awakening.

-Unbeknownst to the rest of them, Mom Lalonde has a tryst with a Reshi man and has a secret daughter and Rose’s secret half sister, Roxy. She’s living out on the isles doing sick Robin Hood crem dung.

-Dirk is a skybreaker, natch. His highspren, when he deems to talk to him, is Caliborn. He’s kind of a tool, which seems to be a thing for highspren.

-Dave is a Stoneward and TBH I don’t have too much reasoning behind this besides that I get the impression Stonewards are kind of big on defending folk if Talenel’s grit is anything to go by. His spren is a Vagabond of the Wayward sort.

-Rose is NOT a Lightweaver- she is actually a Truthwatcher, with Jaspers as her spren. Don’t worry, there’s a character with plenty of things to hide that’s the team Lightweaver later on.

Roxy is an Elsecaller, and in parallel with Dirk her Inkspren is Calliope! She’s very good at Soulcasting from seemingly nothing at all~

So those are the humans and they’re fine and good- but on the other side of the table (and the Parshendi war) we have some of the trolls- who are Parshendi!

-Karkat was a Parshman who awakened in the Everstorm- and boy does he have some Secrets he is keeping from the Listeners, making him the prime target for a bond from an incredibly angry liespren (Jack) Noir. He is for the most part staying in work form, but seems to be able to repress the repulsion to fight while in it- or at least he claims so.

-Kanaya is also an awakened Parshman and another edgedancer- I need a better name but her spren currently is just based on the Mother Grub. It might be a weird, corrupted spren? Could be interesting- anyways she’s hella gay and helps Rose escape Kholinar before the siege. She is full on war form and Rose finds it Incredibly Attractive.

-Vriska is from the Shattered Plains- and was one of the Parshendi to go storm form during the battle. She claims to be fine with what they did, but she’s really not. Very conflicted inner morals compounded by the arguments over the justification of it with her partner Terezi. Eventually she deserts around the time she bonds with an Ashspren named Snow who may or may not have some kind of spren royal countenance about her. Thusly, she is a Dustbringer.

-Speaking of Terezi, she is a nimble form seeker of justice who was definitely opposed to the whole storm form plan, and secreted away other Parshendi who were being rounded up. Her current placeholder Truthwatcher spren is Pyralspite- I seem to have developed kind of a theme of two parallel spren origins in each of these groups of four, so that’s something. 

-Not many of the other trolls are relevant, but in short order Aradia is another skybreaker bonded to Diamonds Droog- she is alive and she intends to stay that way. Sollux is with her and is like the third storming Truthwatcher wandering around, though his spren Clubs Deuce leaves much to be desired. Gamzee is a voidbringer bound to/possessed(?) by Doc Scratch.


And then on the OTHER side of the crossover...

I only really came up with god tiers for the main knights radiant (plus Adolin) and thinking of how the hell a session would go down with them is beyond me right now, but here goes:

-Kaladin is the Mage of Breath- he knows the price of freedom and sometimes suffers for his aspect, natch.

-Szeth is a Prince of Doom- he was beholden to rules before, but seems to be breaking them in the name of them now so that tracks

-Renarin is a Page of Light- lots of his issues stem from being unable to tap into his potential, absolute Page problems, and the future sight definitely fits with Light’s fortune

-Shallan is a Knight of Heart- she’s ABSOLUTELY got the Knight facade thing going on with Veil and Radiant, and soul splinters are yet another Heart issue.

-Lift is a Rogue of Life- she does the healy thing and the stealy thing but she doesn’t strike me as a total Thief, so Rogue.

-Dalinar is a Seer of Blood- bonds are Blood’s purview and his role as a dignitary right now is less combative and more informational.

-Jasnah is a Witch of Space- yet another classpect already taken by a canon character but... She’s Jasnah Kholin. Who am I to argue?

-Venli is a Maid of Mind- admittedly this was tougher, but I settled on it what with her arc seemingly now trying to clean up her past decisions, which fits.

-And finally, Adolin is... the Heir of Time. Why Time, you ask? Aside from being one of the absolute necessary 2 aspects present in a session, Time players are all described as fighters- always active in whatever their quest is. Alongside his other personal turmoil over his literal inheriting of leader of house Kholin eventually, so being the Heir of anything is something he has to deal with.

Anyways, I hope this provides someone with some entertainment, and I’d love to get a discussion going about either of these concepts!


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I never thought I'd see Homestuck content again. Violent clown flashbacks.


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11 hours ago, Invocation said:

I never thought I'd see Homestuck content again. Violent clown flashbacks.

Yeah, I thought I was done with it too but man some of the recent content has just suckered me back in!


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43 minutes ago, artiestroke said:

Yeah, I thought I was done with it too but man some of the recent content has just suckered me back in!

Fair enough! I guess that's always the possibility. Now I have to face the choice of risking it or not! :P 


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