Has anybody wondered why Sunmaker Conquered

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So I was rereading Oathbringer for like the 5th and something just really started bugging me. Has anybody wondered why he started Conquering Roshar.? What if Sunmaker started receiving the visions from Stormfather? 

        We know Gavilar also saw the visions and was on his way to becoming a Bondsmith. But despite Gavilar knowing way more than Dalinar did ( I give Gavilar being a Son of Honor) credit for most of this knowledge. Sunmaker didn’t have this luxury. So let’s say he started getting the visions. Started hearing the whole Unite them rhetoric. Saw a few vision of what was to come and figured , you know what I’m no diplomat, I’ll just Comquer everyone , then when the Desolation gets here , Everyone from Alethkar to the Aziz to the Reri will be under one rule and we can fight them. I also find his Death mysterious , from all reports he was in his prime. Somebody that Nale would probably kill with Division and people mistook it for disease. There are four Kholin family members ( counting Elhokar ) who we’re chosen by spren. So he has the right pedigree. I just don’t see thrill encouraging him to Conquer , There is something more. Sanderson has brought his name up and refered to many times . Sanderson always has a reason for his comments . I wouldn’t be surprised if he writes a short story and confirms that Sunmaker was on his way to becoming a Bondsmith and was killed for it . Probably by Nale or the ghostbloods!


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I agree, at least some of the attempts to "unite" the world or a region by force were inspired by Honor's visions. 

The Hierocracy is prime candidate since the Vorin leaders claimed that they were receiving visions from the Almighty. One of them probably was.

They were defeated by the Sunmaker, maybe Stormfather had moved on to the Sunmaker by that point. 


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