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This is the first installment in the Alleyverse Post, an Alleyverse newspaper. It was created by the Scholar's Guild, and should be posted semi-regularly. If you'd like to have anything of your own included in the paper, please PM Rushu42 or another member of the guild. You're welcome to respond IC, but there's no need to have your character actually buy a newspaper before you read it yourself.

A stand had been erected on a street corner. Emblazoned across the canopy were bold black letters reading, "THE ALLEYVERSE POST." Piles of newspaper were arranged inside it, and a bored looking man sat reading a book. A small sign read, "One newspaper costs 75 cents or any other standard equivalent." 


Edited by Rushu42

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Here's the next edition. I'm sorry it's taken me so long. Hopefully it'll be more consistent in the future.

Credit to myself and @MetaTerminal for the articles. And to everyone who helped create the Alleyverse content that we wrote about in the articles.

Edition 2 Page 1

Edition 2 Page 2

Edition 2 Page 3

Edition 2 Page 4


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