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Hey all! Some of you know me from the discord server the 'writers guild' and my frankly unsettling escapades there, others are unfamiliar with me and my talents. Here, I hope to take requests from people who need plants and animals and monsters and humanoids to populate their various worlds, and hopefully also have fun discussions with people who come here to talk about their creations. I'll give and ask for advice, and hopefully we all can enjoy or have with this thing. I hope it goes somewhere, but that's up to you all. I also hope that this keeps on going when I eventually have to shift my attention elsewhere, so... I hope you all enjoy it. Let's try to make this something interesting, alright? ^_^

@Sherlock Holmes



@Blessing of Potency


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Can I just say that this:


Dathriil are ancient creatures of a bygone age, when the glow-deer first appeared on the planet and Tesan's were an undreamt, unthought of future. They are small, shadowy figures that use black, wispy fur to their advantage and tend to sap energy from the air around them, cooling and darkening the area, also causing a slight mist to appear if they are hunting in a large enough pack. They feed on the light the glow-deer give off, and commonly also feed on firelight, harassing travelers through the woods on their journeys. They love the glow-deer though, as the creatures symbiotic connection to the glowing fungi they so crave is uniquely powerful, and is intrinsically connected to their life-cycle. When they go into heat, they relentlessly hunt-down a glow-deer until they've found either a male or a female. Then they allow their shadowy forms to lose it's black coloring and appear almost identical to the glow-deer, minus the mushrooms on the horns. They then attempt to 'mate' with whatever glow-deer they've found, and once they do, they lock onto the creature and let their unnaturally long, proboscus-like [proboscis-like] tongue force it's way down into the glow-deers stomach where it punctures the tissue and deposits two or three eggs. They it seals the punctured tissue and coats it's body in an aphrodisiac-like substance similar to sweat, which allows it to force the deer to finish its act with it.

After that, it abandons the deer- now carrying two sets of children which  will suck the poor deer dry until it dies and all of the young burst out of it's body and appear like young glow-deer, even containing glowing mushrooms on their horns. They follow a herd around for several months until their personal mushrooms fall off, then they turn fully into their natural species appearance, leaving the herd and following them until it's their turn to complete this cycle. Usually only two or three survive this rough birth, and the glow-deer meanwhile is able to reproduce at a much higher rate, leaving their populations in check.

Is pretty much the weirdest thing I got from Lith based on a prompt I gave him.


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